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[Transmission] egs box
Hello everyone,
I've had the car for a month now and I'm looking for a bit of advice regarding the egs gearbox.
It is quite harsh when taking away in first gear and causes the car to lurch/thud forward.
I have tried being very gentle with the accelerator but it makes no difference.
I don't have any judder and all the gears change very smoothly once I'm moving.
I have read a lot of threads but they all seem to have judder issues as well.
The car has done 115000 miles but I don't know if this is the original clutch.

Thanks in advance.

My car... 2012 Berlingo multispace 1,6 VTR 90 EGS
This was popular reading a few weeks ago, post #15 might be a good starting point?
Hi cancunia,

Thanks for replying.
I read that thread but the bit that confused me was the lack of judder.
I read in the thread that the gearbox could be recalibrated and wondered if I should try this first.


My car... 2012 Berlingo multispace 1,6 VTR 90 EGS
(12-05-2018, 11:11 AM)billym Wrote:  I read that thread but the bit that confused me was the lack of judder.
I read in the thread that the gearbox could be recalibrated and wondered if I should try this first.

It may be a case of what's meant by lurch or judder, personally I have an older Berlingo that simply requires strong leg muscles! Post on that thread or PM the Original Poster to ask in a bit more detail what was happening? According to other posts in the thread, the re-calibration may not be a long term fix so it would be useful to know about that too.
To be honest with you... reading between the lines I don't think the EGS system is very good.

Sorry if that's not you want to hear but I think with all considerations it's a substandard system with a lot of pit falls that has been sold as a being as good as an automatic as we know them.

Sadly, manufactures will do anything to achieve a lowered CO2 rating and this EGS system seems to be one of their efforts, it's a poor attempt to replicate an auto gearbox and it will never behave like one.
My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
If it has done that mileage on the original clutch (from what Lighty says) its done very good. Defo needs recalibrating as a starting point.

As JJ says they are not the best that is the reason why you see them been sold cheaper than the manuals.
I know very little about the Citroen 'fake auto' gearbox - except that there seem to be far more owners with gearbox troubles than with proper autoboxes, so I'm just passing on a supposed cure for take-off judder. This is basically what I've gleaned from other users, and I'm neither recommending or decrying it:

Find a quiet flat road. Stop the vehicle. Put it in 'A'. Floor the accelerator and keep it floored until the gearbox changes up. Stop and repeat the process. Now drive normally, and the take-off judder may have reduced or vanished.

Having had decades of Mercedes autoboxes, I have never had any problems with any of them, even after 200k miles and more. They are so smooth that you don't ever give gearchanges a single thought.

As jj9, the Citroen autobox is obviously a very poor substitute for the real thing.
Hi Gravity as you call them "fake auto boxes" and you are correct but the reason for them is they are cheap, its looking more and more if you want a proper auto box its your luxury cars like your Mercs or BM's im afraid even the new Honda Civic which is a loverly car (IMO) - too expensive for me :-( is a Constant variable drive auto like the old Daf's but with a steel belt - horrible!!!

I spent time writing service regimes for the big' big' Alison commercial gearboxes - with the correct servicing they were no trouble and we never changed one. Unfortunately (for the gearboxes) my job role changed and i moved on - some bright spark decided i had been over servicing the gearboxes and stoped them being serviced - 6 gearboxes at 10k each went bang - idiot
thanks for the replies folks.

I think you are right jj9 that its not really a good system.

I'll try the hard reset and see what happens.

thanks again  

My car... 2012 Berlingo multispace 1,6 VTR 90 EGS
Found this article on whatcar regarding the gearbox and it seems a common issue with them

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