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Heater blower not working
Hi, looking for a little advise please, i have a 1999 Berlingo diesel van (camper converted) and the heater blower fan is not working, could someone tell me where the blower motor is located please and also which fuse and relay control it. Any help will be very much appreciated.
Its up under the dash accessed from the passenger footwell towards the centre. Is it not going at all or does it work only on high speed as it could be the resistor pack.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
(17-05-2018, 07:11 AM)Tomcat3 Wrote:  Its up under the dash accessed from the passenger footwell towards the centre. Is it not going at all or does it work only on high speed as it could be the resistor pack.

Thanks for the reply, no it’s not working at all, I’ve only had the camper for a few days so not to familiar with it yet but it looks like the fan switch can be turned one way for external air and the other way for internal air, I’ve tried it both ways and nothing, the fuse board under the steering wheel is not marked up neither are the relays. Didn’t want to start ripping everything out until I had tried the obvious like fuse and relay.
Try giving the switch unit on the dash a good thump, worked for me on one occasion.

Also connections can be sensitive sometimes ( don't ask me how or why ) for on one occasion the heater blower stopped working and I ignored it for a few days as busy then whilst cornering hard around a roundabout the blower suddenly kicked in on a fast speed and frightened the life out of me, it had unwittingly been left in the high speed position.
Well I’ve had some sort of success, following Tomcat3s reply on where the motor was I had a look under the dash and found that at some point someone must have been trying to repair the fault, the fan motor wires had been cut and twisted together again and taped up, rather badly, one of the wires was off and the other dropped off as I was messing. I fitted a terminal block and tested for power but had nothing, on the dash is a random switch which I thought was something to do with the camper conversion but no press it and the fan comes on at full speed, I removed the little storage shelf under the glove box which exposed some sort of modification, the relay which I presume should be in the fuse box is now hanging on wires by the motor and an electronic radio Ariel has been spliced in to the negative cable. Bit of a mess really but I’ve secured everything and put terminals in until I have more time to put it back to standard and locate the original fault which I’m thinking could be the transistors in the motor or resistor if ones fitted in the switch.
Berlingos don’t have transistors in the motor, generally that’s on luxury cars with climate control like 407’s etc, not berlingos, the resistor isn’t in the switch, the switch is just that, a switch! One feed in, 4 out, 5 wires total, these run to a resistor and the four wires from the switch run through three resistors to give three resistances and a full speed which is direct in and out or sometimes (better like modded 307 looms directly linked in the loom) just soldered and heat shrunken before the plug so the highest current setting doesn’t burn the plug out like in early 307’s did!

I’m fairly sure there’s also a relay somewhere but I don’t have a wiring diagram to switch the main power to the fan, the speed switch then controls the Earth (or it may be vice versa)

I know in my B9 there is a relay mounted behind the bsi which controls the switch feed via the psf1 but yours won’t have a psf1 so it may be ignition controlled or via a primitive control circuit somehow

If someone has a wiring diagram they may post it up, if not you can register as a garage and get access to Peugeot’s own wiring diagrams for under a tenner for an hr, print off everything or at least save it to your pc if you pay for access, as you can use it unlimited times in the hr! It’s done through servicebox

Hope the above helps!
Thanks dumdum very useful information. Hopefully I can get my hands on a drawing so can work out the full extent of this bodge.

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