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Fuel Expansion Tank
Do our fine chariots come with fuel expansion tanks? My full tank has warmed nicely in the sun and I have a nice puddle on my driveway and a big mark from the filler... Confused
It's either that or a hackney carriage driver has relieved himself on my back wheel. Again.
Never seen that happen, is it definitely diesel and is anyone syphoning your fuel ?
So where does this bit go then ?
It's petrol and it's definitely not any funny business! It has happened before when I fill up at night when it's cool and still have a full tank in the day when it's warmed up. I usually find stopping at the first click at the pump gives enough room in the filler pipe for expansion - but all pumps are different.
From what I can tell the Berlingos don't have an expansion tank like say, the E30 3 series.its not wasted a lot but now my driveway stinks of fuel :/
If you have a puddle of petrol check for leaks. Expansion tanks are only to stop fuel vapour venting to atmosphere not liquid usually. Petrol doesn't hang around long enough to make a puddle unless there is a lot of it, it sounds like something has come adrift.
So where does this bit go then ?
It's not so much a puddle as a load of residue from the fuel (I have a gravel driveway).

It's definitely from the filler, and it has happened before, about a year ago. I put that down to overfilling the car by putting more fuel in after the first 'click' of the pump. The other say the car was filled on a very cool night and I left it in full sun with a brimmed tank. It could be this time the first click was too late.

Maybe the filler seal isn't as good as it should be? If that is the case, where does the fuel expand to when it needs to? I've also read that fuel tanks must only accept 95% of their volume to account for expansion - this means a 40c temp swing would be accounted for. Perhaps the ventilation system on my tank isn't right. I'll get it up in the air later and take a look.

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