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Radio wiring.
Hi, this has possibly been asked a million times, and I'm not really expecting a simple answer, but here goes. 

I've just got an 06 Berlingo. It's not my first, I've owned three. My problem started when I began searching for the appropriate iso adaptor, for to change the radio over to a hands free Bluetooth  Sony head unit. I've changed plenty of radios over, in plenty of cars, including my previous Berlingo. However, when I put my reg in to the Autoleads site, I am told I need a PC39-125 adaptor. This lead is absolutely impossible to find. I've trawled the net, eBay and Amazon... They're nowhere. So, I tried just plugging in the wiring, without an adaptor. The radio comes on and works, however it doesn't turn off, well not immediately. It doesn't store any of the radio settings, which makes it useless as I have to set it up each time I turn it on, and it comes on if I unlock the doors, or turn the headlights on, without even having the key in the ignition. Obviously this is no good. So, I tried taking a power feed from the 12v socket, and leaving the yellow lead connected, this solved the on/off issue, but the radio still didn't save any settings, and each time would start in demo mode. I'm sure it's not impossible to have an after market Sony head unit, in an 06 Berlingo. And, saying as its looking impossible to locate the iso adaptor, any help and pointers would be massively appreciated. I'll attach pics of the leads coming out the car, and if the head unit wiring, if needed.

Thanks in advance.
they are available for 19.99 at Dynamic Sounds.  and  are for a steering wheel control adapter.

Seems you need a patch lead also shown there.
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
Hi, thanks for the reply. I must be missing something, as I can't find the lead on that site. I've put 'PC39-125' in the search bar, there's no results.

I copied your PC39-125 and when pasted and searched for it came up with PC99-X25 , since it looked like it I assumed that was what you were wanting , especially when it said for Citroen and Partner and for various makes of radios including Sony .

I think I've led you on a wild goose chase  Sorry Blush

ps didn't noticed yours was pc39 and mine was pc99
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
Ah... I was quite puzzled. I trawled everywhere, couldn't understand how I could've missed it. I've been advised, by a supplier, to buy a different lead, for Citroën canbus vehicles, or something... Fingers crossed. Failing that, I'm at the mercy of posters on this site, I reckon.

Thanks for tying tho.
Have you tried the Connects2 website? They've got lots of things for putting aftermarket head-units in CAN-BUS vehicles, including some bits specifically for Citroen Berlingo 2008-2016 (B9), it may just be what you need for your M59, or you could contact their technical support.
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Hi mate, not sure if this will help you in your current issue, but there are 4 types of live 12v feeds in the bingo, and stereos only need 2 of them. You can pick up a tester for a few quid and identify them.

Usually, yellow, red and orange wires are combinations of permanent 12v, ignition 12v, and accessory 12v for want of a better term. The bingo also has an unlocking live feed, or trigger, used to illuminate lighting or used for something like internal displays or interior lights.

Perm is usually orange but can be other colours, its live at 12v all the time even with the keys out. This is needed for radio memory feed wire.

Ignition is usually red, again can be other colours but only on when ignition is in position 2, i.e. ready to start, or running.

Accessory is usually yellow on some cars but can again be other colours, this is live at ignition position 1.

The trigger 12v supply which comes on when unlocking with the fob or remote key. You could be inside and identify this one while operating the locks with the key buttons. This one is to be avoided, as it's no use to your aftermarket stereo.

Now your stereo will show which wire on its socket or cable needs 12v permanent (memory) and 12v ignition 1 or 2 (switched) so if those two wires from the car, are connected to the right ones on the radio, it will just work as intended. Your wiring must be mixed up on the multi plug compared to the iso radio requirements. The pins can be carefully pushed out with a fine point to release the little locking tab for each pin, then swapped into the correct position on the harness plugs after identification and your new unit will work.

Would need put back for an OEM unit to work again.

See here or for further reference
My Van: 2007 1.6 HDi 600 - currently on 62,000 miles  Sleepy
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That's an excellent post, mate. I'm currently waiting on an iso adapter, that's apparently the one for the job, it also includes the steering stalk control adapter. When it arrives, I'll give it a bash. If I get no joy, I'll take the factory stereo out my wife's berlingo, to check the wiring hasn't been adjusted. When I bought this berlingo, it had a pioneer stereo in, and I thought it unusual that there was no iso adapter, so it's made me think that perhaps, someone has been switch wires. I'll post pics of the cars connectors, should this adapter not work. And, perhaps someone can point me as to what should be where.

Thanks again, great reply.
Hi, just an update. The lead I got worked a treat. Radio turned on, and off, with ignition, as it should. This worked perfect up until the last few days, when it now stays on, for a delayed time, when I turn the ignition off. Any ideas what's caused the change in behaviour?

(22-06-2018, 03:59 PM)bluesmartie Wrote:  Hi, just an update. The lead I got worked a treat. Radio turned on, and off, with ignition, as it should. This worked perfect up until the last few days, when it now stays on, for a delayed time, when I turn the ignition off. Any ideas what's caused the change in behaviour?


That's a weird one mate. The bsi module must be keeping the ACC line high for a delayed period, which is odd! You haven't had any work done with Lexia have you? Or added a sub with a big capacitor in it?
My Van: 2007 1.6 HDi 600 - currently on 62,000 miles  Sleepy

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