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Power loss on motorway then p1351 fault?!
So, I was setting off on a short on ramp on the A1 two days ago trying to get to 70 as fast as a Berlingo can and all of a sudden as I was moving out of 3red to 4th and 5th I noticed the needle jumping suddenly up to 4/5000 revs but no power. Then as I got to about 50nph there was an awful burning smell but no smoke. Pulled over immediately and got out and let it cool down. Stared fine, checked tyres and handbrake (first though was I had left handbrake on but would seem not) and set off, erratic power for next 25miles. Getting to 3000revs and then needle jumping up and plopping down at 2000 without me changing foot on pedal.

Put the code reader on it and it’s come up with “P1351” something to do with glow plugs. Car stars and have driven it on two short trips but seems to have no real power.

Has two pending faults of p0711 and p1B00.

The tricky bit is I have a 181 mile drive home tomorrow... not relishing this with a fully loaded Berlingo with camping gear!

Any ideas before I hand it over next week to be looked at, dreading it being the turbo or something hellishly expensive?!!?

2004 2.0HDi 114k on, serviced annually.
Not sure about the reason for the erratic revs.

Is your car an automatic ?

P0711 is automatic transmission fluid temp sensor. Maybe there's not enough ATF in your box.

P1B00 is not a valid code afaik, but you're not the first one to report, those 2 codes.

P1351 looks to be glow plug related, so not an issue really for now.
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No, not an automatic. Thanks for the links very interesting. Something’s clearly burned out or gone pop but I’m Now thinking these codes don’t have anything to do with it.

Would a turbo going bang produce a code? The cars always done a bit of a grey white puff of smoke on first start up but never any smoke when running. It’s a pre DPF diesel so not that....
Ok so lack of power on a TDI could be low fuel pressure, or no turbo boost. I'd pull the intake pipe and put a finger tip on the turbo impeller nut, wiggle it and see if there's any noticeable play. Look into the turbo, see if the vanes are all there.

I have to say, I think that if it's not a fried ECU, or a wonky crank or cam sensor it's likely to be fuel pressure related. Could be wrong, but to rule out airflow or EGR problems, pull the MAF sensor plug and see if it runs better.

Mind you the burning smell suggests electrical cookery. Have a good look at the ECU, fusebox etc to see if anything else is burned or smells funny.

Final thought, has your engine earth strap worn through or corroded?

If you are getting auto box codes, and it's a manual, maybe the bsi or ECU is cooked or has water in it. I had this kind of nonsense from an Audi A4 TDI, and it was a harness wire chafed through that had blown a fuse supplying the engine sensors....check your fuses in the car and engine bay.
My Van: 2007 1.6 HDi 600 - currently on 62,000 miles  Sleepy
If you can get DTC 'P' codes via OBD, chances are your ECU is still ok, good point about checking the wiring & fuses, the BSI is a good place to start but if you've had an OBD reader in there I expect you'll have seen the state of the BSI already.
Does your OBD reader allow real time readings for fuel pressure & boost? On the 2.0, there is no boost sensor, it's derived from the MAF so that could be another place to look but would not really explain the smell.
Well it came back from being looked at by the guy who usually does work on it, he’s looked it over and couldn’t find anything? Connected it to his code reader, no codes?! Took it out for a good run and it’s running like normal. Don’t know if he disconnected the battery or somethings reset. However I have been informed there are metal shavings albeit very small in the oil. So going for an engine flush, new oil and filters and see how I go. Doesn’t bode well with the bits of metal I’m guessing. Thanks for your help everyone!
Did the power come back , or have you been in limp mode without power all the time?
(03-07-2018, 07:26 AM)cancunia Wrote:  Did the power come back , or have you been in limp mode without power all the time?

Yeah powers back, took it for a run last night and it was fine. He said no codes came up for him on his machine?  I’m starting to think I had a brake or brakes stuck on.... but worried about bitsnif metal in the oil though now.
Small amounts of metal shavings in the oil are not so unusual. Maybe worth doing your oil changes at 6 month intervals.
Was just looking through your original post again. 5000 rpm is the red line on my 2.0 so assume it's the same on yours. Did you by any chance have your foot on the clutch a bit?

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