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Mk 2 or Mk 3: which do you prefer?
After running a Mk 1 Multispace for many years, I wrote it off and had to replace it. In the end, it was another Berlingo. However I chose to get a Mk 2 (virtually the same as a Mk 1) instead of a Mk 3. I was fortunate enough to be able to hire a Mk 3 for 10 days in France and get a feel for it, so that I was able to compare the two of them.

The factors that caused me to go for a Mk 2 were, in order of importance:

1) Narrower. The Mk 3 felt wide on the road, and Citroen figures indicate that the body is 86mm (3.3") wider - and if you include mirrors, the Mk 3 is 152mm wider - a full 6". On narrow country roads, (or narrow urban parking spaces), I'd rather have the narrower vehicle. And when driving the Mk 3, it just felt wide.

2) Lighter - about 170kg, depending on engine. Hence it gets better fuel economy and acceleration with the same engine.

3) Door pockets. Yes, I know that you can get a centre console for the Mk 3, but those wonderful big door pockets on the Mk 2 (& Mk 1) are much bigger than the door pockets in the Mk 3.

4) Front leg room. The front passenger has more legroom with the seat fully back in the Mk 2. I reckon it's about 4 cm better than the Mk 3

5) Length - The Mk 3 is 243mm (9.6") longer than the Mk 2 - making the Mk 2 slightly easier for parking spaces.

Other than that, it was much of a muchness. I didn't really feel that the ride, handling, refinement, and steering were any better in the Mk 3 - I actually preferred the Mk 2 / Mk 1 - but there wasn't much in it.

The boot is bigger in the Mk 3, but again, there isn't much in it.

The Mk 3 is higher - making the roof even more difficult to wash!!

There is one point in which, IMO, the Mk 3 beats the old Berlingo hands down: the petrol cap. The old one was too low, and was also somewhat awkward.

So - what do others who have driven both versions think?
Mk 3 def.....bigger widder more of a car than a van , modener to look at, at berlingable blingable.....
Each to their own. just enjoy.
I think you made some good points for the mark 2, I have driven both and the mark 3 handling seems more like a car then a van to drive, but I do prefer the mark 2 driving position and slightly smaller dimensions as you say on a country lane and car park it all helps ,when it comes to looks the mark 3 has it for me.
Dont think I would have bought a MK 2 personally, didnt turn me on, was considering a smart sportster......yes I know nothing like a berlingo.... funny us humans, but from changing from a vw t4 camper I wanted something to be able to sleep in if needed , and the mk3 you can.Also I have it equiped so I can cook in the back if necessary, make a brew. With 25% tint on rear windows no one can see in so quite private.
You should have seen the showrooms sales staff when I asked to take rear seats out and then I lay down in back....
How do you find the 25% tint is it too dark on dull days ?
Personally, I prefer the mk2 and not overstruck on the bodyshape of mk3 but that is only my opinion.
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
25% is fine, no problems on dark days, at night its a tad harder to see out of , but manageable. The privacy is great, I can sit and watch people and they have no idea I am inside. Quite amusing. Also as I go canoeing /mountainbiking etc if I have to get changed there is privacy. Would def have it again. I believe the std citroen tint is just under 20%. We were sleeping in it on a camp site last year [ seats out] and my partner went to toilet in the morning on camp site. When she returned our camping neighbours were by then up. When my partner opened the sliding door to get in the girl next door was shocked to see me lying in bed in the back. You could see the amazed expression on her face.
With the black wheels also it sort of ties in better,
Thanks for the info Pete the tints are now on my list of things to do.
(16-01-2011, 06:11 PM)pch Wrote:  You should have seen the showrooms sales staff when I asked to take rear seats out and then I lay down in back....

Glad you made them work pete,i recently went to view a xtr at a citreon dealership,and i knew more about the car than the salesman,he could hardly answer any questions.All he was interested in was selling it.
sorry to say the same here [ chester] the sales lady didnt know how to take rear seats out so she got sales manager, he didnt know, so YES I had to show them.
bloody useless bunch.

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