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Abs problem
Hi I have a 2011 berlingo 1.6hdi. The past week I've been getting an intermittent sort of pulsing when I brake and the past few days the abs light and warning tone has been coming on intermittent also. Any ideas? Would it be worth cleaning the senor. Cheers
I've had this before - there are a few threads on ABS if you have a look. Best to use a code reader if you can to identify which wheel. Then have a good look at and a clean up of the connector where the sensor plugs into the vehicle harness. A good proportion of my problems have been related to bad connections.
Hi ok thanks for the reply. I'll try and get it on a code reader and see where to start. Cheers
Just a quick note - I'm betting the problem is a front wheel. If you can't get to a code reader which reads the abs system, you could always clean up both front connectors. They're easy to get to, tucked behind a section of the inner plasic wing.
A pulsating pedal is often caused by an interruption of the signal from the sensor.
As said, the front ones are prone to picking up debris as they are exposed to the elements.
A common issue is the driveshaft gaiter clip breaking and the clip spins around randomly with grease coming out all over the place. Very easy for the signal to get interrupted.
Just turn your wheel on lock & take a look , you will usually spot this problem easily.

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