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[SOLVED] Non-starting 1.6 HDI, now starts but EML on + fuel rail pressure sensor code
I had a non-starting Berlingo 1.6 HDI van yesterday. Started it a couple of times in the morning to do a dropoff and get to my destination and stopped for about 3 hours. Came to start it again and it just cranked. Breakdown came out, had a poke around, checked fuses, looked at some wiring and declared that the fuel rail pressure sensor has gone. It was past 1pm by then and on a Saturday, so there was no chance of me getting it fixed. The helpful chap towed me on a bar to a garage I use. I forgot to ask him for any codes unfortunately.

Come this morning, I first scanned the van for codes using a cheapo code reader, which came back with a P0193, related to the fuel rail pressure sensor. I turned the key and, as expected, it cranked and didn't start. Opened the bonnet, stuck my hand down to the end of the fuel rail, wiggled the plug, followed the wiring a little way and had a look as far as I could without removing anything. Went to crank it and it fired up straight away! Huh

The engine could be stopped and restarted as per normal. I didn't drive the van and the EML is still illuminated as aforementioned cheapo code reader couldn't wipe the codes, so I am leaving it in the garage's capable hands. My question is, is it likely to just be a dodgy switch and replacement will mean cure? I'd rather not have that niggling thought of an intermittent problem in the back of my head when hundreds of miles away from home and a destination to reach.

The switch I need is a 1920.GW from PSA. I'm not sure if I want to risk a cheaper aftermarket sensor. Are there any hints and tips when replacing this switch on the end of the fuel rail? Is the seal 1920.TG essential?

Thanks in advance.
Maybe all that's needed is just some contact cleaner on the connector?
Sometimes the code /EML will go away on it's own too.
Hopefully that's all that's required. I picked up the van yesterday and it started on the button but EML persisted. Drove across town back home no problem. Worked out how to clear the light and code, went for a mixed drive and all the live data from my cheapo code reader looked fine. It's as if nothing happened! I'll check the wiring when the do the fuel filter and EGR blank.
Following up this one as I've now fixed the problem. The fuel rail pressure sensor completely packed up a week later as I gave the engine some load on a dual carriageway to overtake someone. Engine cut out but would restart every time, although would barely manage walking pace to get to a safe spot.

New sensor 1920.GW from PSA has an RRP of £77.64 and pair of seals 1920.TG have an RRP of £2.69. I scored a cheap, new genuine sensor from eBay, which was manufactured by Sensata. There are other suppliers of the switch, some of which come with the seals, such as Febi.

Fitting is simple, although access and visibility can be a swine. I removed the airbox, moved (but not removed the fuel filter) and removed the fuel filter bracket. Had to buy a deep 27mm socket for the task. I used a dab of grease to hold the two seals in place on the sensor's tip before fitting into the fuel rail. Make sure you dig out the original seal(s) (mine only had a single, larger silver washer) with a pick.
Thanks for posting the update & good to know you didn't end up in an accident or with a hefty garage bill. It's amazing how some engine 'safety' features cut in at critical moments like overtaking.
Yes, looking on the bright side, I got away lightly! I broke down twice in the space of a week, 2 miles and 10 miles from home, respectively. I needed to cover around 700 miles the following week towing my track car around, which the van did admirably after I fixed it, so I could have come really unstuck hundreds of miles from home!

The new genuine sensor cost £26.50 from eBay and it was £5.99 for the socket from Halfords, so wasn't bank-breaking in the end.

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