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My Mk3 HDI now sometimes starts on the first turn of the key and then sometimes does not, turning ignition off and then on again starts okay.
This first began happening from cold but now happening when engine warm as well!

Have just had it serviced, okay for two days now its started doing it again.
Stealer found nothing showing up on diagnostic.

Any suggestions anyone, fuel pump not making any unusual noises, good quality Diesel in tank (Esso) and plenty of power to starter motor.

woodshaper Confusedcratch:
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Starter motor.

I've had 2 replacements and that's the first signs of it failing. It will gradually get worse until you have to bump start to get it running.
Starter motor is working okay.
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So it's always turning over when it doesn't start?

(19-11-2011, 11:44 PM)tucker Wrote:  So it's always turning over when it doesn't start?

(20-11-2011, 05:29 AM)woodshaper Wrote:  
(19-11-2011, 11:44 PM)tucker Wrote:  So it's always turning over when it doesn't start?

Yes then it starts and gives a big shudder at the same time, this stopped for two days after the service, now is happening again intermittently.


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if its still under warranty I would get it back in as often as necessary untill its sorted.
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Do you ever give it a "good thrashing" if not do a few mile with your foot down, high revs low gears itl give the EGR and DPF ( not sure if there is a DPF on the mk3) a chance to clear its self.
Tried a blast down the m/way already, my MK2 always ran better after a good long run, this problem is intermittent, had no problems at all today.

Someone has suggested that it could be condensation/moisture in the tank and to run it almost dry then try filling up at another p/station!

Its going to have a new clutch fitted tomorrow at a small (know what they are doing with Citroens) *Garage a Citroen Owners Club member told me about a few years ago so will ask them. (*FRONTLINES, Chesterfield)

******Its not all bad news though, it has just sailed through its first MOT!
Got to keep thinking positive after all!

Thanks for all your suggestions, will keep you posted.

Sole Member and President for LIFE!
Were the glow plugs renewed at the service?

My wife's corsa was only 4 years old and low mileage and started struggling to start at times. It turned out 2 of the glow plugs were frazzled and despite regular service hadn't even been checked let alone changed.

The connectors to them were also rusted up. Changed plugs and cleaned connectors up and it's been perfect since.
Probably teaching you to suck eggs here...
Has it started with the onset of the colder weather? Turn the ignition key to the first stop and leave for a few seconds before trying to start, so that the glowplugs have heated up properly. I'd go with Tucker and check the glowplugs if that doesn't help. My old ZX TD got worse & worse at cold starting over a fairly short period. The dealer wanted nearly £200 to change them, or £30 EACH just for the plug. Halfords did a set for £20. I'm no mechanic, but it took about 15 minutes from opening the bonnet to a running car.
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