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Fan blower problems.
Hi everyone, hoping that someone can shed some light on an issue I’m having with the fan blower and air conditioning in my 2009 Citroen berlingo xtr 1.6l diesel,

I’ve had an ongoing problem with the heater fan blower, I have once replaced the relay up behind the dash board, that fixed the issue for a little while, then I had to replace the resister pack next to the blower motor itself up above the drivers pedals, everything was great for a few week, then suddenly it all died again,

I thought it was the relay again so I ventured out to buy another relay, stripped the glove box out again and replaced the relay, still nothing, the relay is clicking so I know the power to the relay and the earth connection is good, 

Please correct me if I am wrong, but all the relay is doing when energised it connecting the other two cables together?

It would appear that the other two cables are totally dead and even shorting them out with a short piece of wire with a fuse in it it still does not work, I have a Haynes manual which I’ve flicked through, I can’t seem to find a blown fuse anywhere on the alleged heater blower circuits and have come up completely stumped,

In this heat if love to have the air conditioning on and I’m going to need the blower come the cold wet winters to clear the screen,

Does anyone have any ideas that may solve my problem?

Thanks in advance I’d really appreciate it,

Cant help with your specific problem but there was a member on here in the last couple of weeks with air con problems and he had done a full diagnostic scan with the citroen/Peugeot software and it had pinpointed his problem. Perhaps before throwing money at parts find some one with the diagbox/lexia equipment or an independent citroen garage with the kit in your area. There are a few independents in kent someone may be able to recommend one.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
My resistor also packed up then a short while after the fan would either stop working or run slower, I replaced the pollen filters which were pretty clogged up but was not a cure, I found a thump on top of the dash got it working again for a while, so I removed the motor and cleaned up the armature and brushes and so far so good.

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