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Heavy steering feel 2.0 HDi 2005
My 127.000 mile berlingo developed occasional heavy steering feel.
It got worse, and goes from heavy to normal in increments.
It also tends not to self straighten after a turn.
Similar problem led a friend to replace his servo pump for refurbished unit, and it corrected it for a short period, but he sold the car soon afterwards.

I swapped mine with a used, low mileage pump, and problem still persists.
Only idea now is that steering rack is to blame. Are there any other issues to look at?
Guess this is a common problem for most lingos.
Have a look at the u/j joint on the bottom of the steering column behind the engine, they tend to dry out due to heat from the engine. Use something like motorcycle chain spray to lube it and have a look at the one up under the dash it may be dry to.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
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  • ron
agree with tomcat.
check the U/J in engine bay and under dash.
i had the same issue and greasing them sorted it instantly
I found 2 issues with my steering, like the problems posted above it was often very stiff & often failed to return to the centre with some days better than others.
Firstly the oil was old so not working as well as it might. The oil is fairly easy to replace, but takes some repeated effort to replace via the reservoir.
The second issue was the UJ at the bottom of the steering column. I tried a couple of times to spray with chain grease but it made little difference. I found that I needed to get the car on axle stands at the front, then I used WD40 to free things up turning the steering lock to lock. Once it was turning more freely, I used the chain grease again. It's been fine now for about 3 months.
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I already have different pump, with new ATF, but that made no difference.

Currently waiting to get things WD'd an reshaked, than relubed, as per cancunia's advice.
Hope it fixes your problem. I was surprised at just how much extra resistance that joint can add to the steering.

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