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Berlingo dw8 cooling fan not working
I have a 2005 berlingo 1.9D where the cooling fan has stopped working. I have seen the temperature go up to 110 degrees without the fan coming on. When testing with lexia I can hear a relay working but nothing else happening. When I connect 12v directly to the fan, it works.

Lexia gave me code P1519 "Intermittent fault, cooling function inside ecu".

Any help?
Can you locate the relay that's clicking? Maybe it's faulty or has loose wiring or a fuse gone.
All fuses are fine. The relay that is clicking is inside the black box on the side of the radiator. I have 2 van's I could take parts from, but they are hdi's and only have 120w fans, so i'm not sure the relay's etc would be able to handle the 350w fan in this one.
If you have a clicking sound at the radiator, then maybe everything's working up to that point. You could try replacing the suspect relay with a lower rated one but just check that it's working with a 12v bulb or a meter rather than the 350w fan?
Rain water got into my box and it corroded the relay socket, have you been in the box yet? The relay may still click but the switch output terminations maybe broken, or if not, it might be worth checking the relays internal contacts haven't died by carrying out the checks as cancunia suggested. Hope this helps!
2006 Citroen Berlingo Enterprise 600D
420k+ on the clocks and still chugging away   Big Grin
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The high speed relay was corroded and dead. The low speed one was working but it seems everything goes through the high speed relay. I have replaced the relay with new one, but still no go. No signal voltage is coming to the high speed relay to make it connect. Only to low speed relay, and no power to fan.
Just found out the high speed is now working, but not the low speed. Fan kicks in like a tornado at about 110 degrees.
(01-08-2018, 03:21 PM)Mighty Wrote:  Just found out the high speed is now working, but not the low speed. Fan kicks in like a tornado at about 110 degrees.

Check to see if you have a plastic based resistor fitted I  the radiator fan shroud, often will corrode and break the circuit, preventing the fan from working on slow, short the two pins out on the plug and then actuator test the slow speed and it will work if it’s the resistor... very common fault!
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Yeah, i'm pretty sure it's the resistor by now. I just have to go buy a new one before I drain the coolant and disassemble a third time ?

Problem is that the electronic parts catalog lists 2 variations of it for this vin. One is 0.54 ohm and one is 0.8 ohm.
Both high and low speed is now working. The broken relay made the high speed not work and the broken resistor made the low speed not work. Wish i knew that before I bled the coolant serveral times and bought a new fan ?

Thanks for the help Smile
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