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Coolant leak from back of engine
So, my 2002 1.9 Berlingo@188000 km left some marks on the pavement the other day, after standing idle for a little less than a week. It didn't look or smell like oil; it was too clear and see-through, and didn't feel like oil.  I checked the liquids, but they were ok. I had a look-see around the engine compartment. The leak's highest point seems to be around where the rocker cover meets the block on the back side of the engine. I smeared some of the liquid on a nearby metal pipe, and when I came back two sunny, hot hours later, it was gone.

Driving-wise, it's just fine. No misfires. I haven't noticed any white smoke, but I haven't actively looked for white smoke either. 

Here's a video of the leaky area:

What do you guys think?
The video seems to show oil more than water, but maybe that's just the video.

If you are leaking coolant suspect the water pump, is the mark on the ground from the right hand side (sitting in the vehicle)

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
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Hi, jj9. The mark on the ground is multifocal, but most of it is to the left of the car's center. The engine was oily when I bought it, in May this year, from what I think is seepage from the rocker box gasket. The oil inside the engine is black, but this stuff is rather clear, and the engine has not discernibly lost any oil since I bought it. I guess a smear of engine oil on steel would not evaporate in less than two hours in the summer, but glycol and water could.
So, I checked the liquids again today. Since I first checked it, about four days ago, the coolant level has dropped by about half an inch. It's not dripping constantly, but rather a drop every now and then.

Edit Aug. 5th 2259 Oslo-time: Drove it for an hour today, and no white smoke.
So are you suspecting the coolant is weeping out of the head gasket at the rear?

Clean the area as best as you can then you may be able to spot any fluid loss.

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
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I haven't gotten around to wiping the engine yet, but I found a possible leak where the air-intake hose from the grill contacts the rear side of the radiator; see the included video:

Is the air-intake hose supposed to contact the radiator? Could the hose have worn a hole in the radiator over time, or trapped salt and water and oxidized one?
That doesn't look right, I don't think the air hose shouldn't be contacting the radiator.

Can the air filter box that the hose goes to not be turned so as to move the hose off the radiator?

Or can the hose be turned where it connects to the air filter box?

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
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Yes, I think I'll put a band around it and tie it closer to the battery.

I tried taking out the radiator, to check it for leaks. I managed to disconnect every hose, except for the large one at the bottom left. That one was not secured by any sort of clamp; just placed within a plastic recepticle-pipe and secured with a wire-clip. Even with the wire-clip out, I could not figure out how to get that hose out of the radiator.
A slightly triangular clip?

That sounds like Citroëns infamous bayonet mount...
It needs to be twisted slightly, then pulled straight out.
(I think... A while since I last did it. I remember there was a lot of swearing going on at the time... )
There's a special rubber seal around the end, with a square profile. This will swell if there's been any oil contamination, and will make it extra, extra painful to pull out, and impossible to get back in.
(This seal is not for sale in most parts stores, I'm afraid.)
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Yes, Gadgetman, somewhat triangular. There was no problem removing the clip, and the hose was still stuck after that. Do you mean to twist the hose, and then pull it straight out?

There was no oil in the coolant when I drained it, and it looked really old. No guarantee, I guess, but if it has swelled; then I won't be able to fit another radiator back in there?

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