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[Engine] Radiator fan relay fuse berlingo b9 mk2 2013 dv6e e5 be
In a little follow on from my previous thread... How the heck do i access the relay for the fan in the front bumper? Also does it have a fuse? My manual seems to say not? It doesnt run at all but i cant get at it to check voltages
If you drop down the very front underpanel that goes up to the bumper, you can just about reach up and unfasten it from the car.
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I actually managed to pop out the grille in the front bumper giving perfect access.

Removed relay box

I have 12v present on 1 pin of the 4 pin control connector.

No perm 12v on the larger 2 pin connector though.... So it does look like i have blown a fuse... But all fuses in the engine bay box are okay....

Pictures for reference for others

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Have now run a temporary feed from a spare fuse way in the fusebox ontop of the battery to the relay, everything now works as it should ie when hot or when activating air con, works on low speed too, so it is literally just this lost feed but all bay box fuses are good, i guess ill have to try and trace the cable next.
If its like the m59, their are MF fuses hidden below the top fuse tray in the engine fuse box and can only be accessed by drilling the rivets out, then pulling the top tray out. If it's an hdi, the fan fuse could also be in a little box hidden in the gap behind the passenger headlight.
My Van: 2012 B9 1.6 HDi Enterprise 
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Thanks, i pulled up on the fuse box and pryed a couple of plastic tabs luckily didnt have to drill anything, and yes a little row of fuses were on the underside, a 50A is blown, why the hell cant they put this in the manual!!!!! 
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Pleased to read that you sorted it out, now all you need is to find why it blew in the first place.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
Its been running on a 30A feed fine since and the original fuse is a 50A so i can assume its ok now, it did start back when we had the snow earlier in the year so i can only assume the front bumper got a gob full and it froze the fan or something, will be grabbing a new maxi fuse this week and putting back to normal

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