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HDi AdBlue owners beware
I have been left on the road 3 times already with a leaky AdBlue fault (computer first says "Engine fault" then a bit later "Emissions fault" before engine dies). This time it's done - dealer said a lot of them have AdBlue related problems and Citroen designed a new AdBlue tank with plastic parts since AdBlue (or Urea acid) eats metal and quick Google tells me it is not just Berlingo, Cactus and other AdBlue models have it even more common and it is probably close to a recall as it can get IMHO.

73 000 km on mine before neefing a new AdBlue tank replacement. Dealer said it lets me drive max 2400km before dying this time (computer cuts the engine). New modified AdBlue tanks are being produced now and mine arrives at the end of August if all goes well, meanwhile my holiday car travel plans are destroyed.

So if you have an AdBlue model, be prepared for a complete tank replacement if you encounter this fault (and it is quite common I would guess from what I researched).
Not good news, thanks for letting us know, are they replacing them free of charge to everyone or are they pulling the out of warranty / not serviced by a franchised dealer card ?


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Thanks for the info.
I did suspect problems ahead with the adblue systems.
Not sure they cover non-warranty models, but thankfully the AdBlue models are new enough probably many if not most are still under warrany so should get a free replacement tank if they should encounter this problem. Delivery seems to be hectic as of now, I guess Citroen is just starting to see the serousness of the issue...
Looks like all PSA HDi cars may have this potential issue. On early stage it may be OK just to repace AdBlue tank cap with the newer cap that has a vent.  If the urea pump is already damaged from working in vacum long term then needs complete tank replacement.  

Some info here:
Mine was recalled for new adblue cap but no mention of complete tank replacement. Mine was new in March ‘17 & New cap was fitted when car had fisrt service in Feb ‘18. The op mentions redesigned tank but in link to Peugeot forum it suggests problem is solved by fitting new ventilated cap provided no damage has been done to pump caused presumably by lack of vent on old cap? Mine had only done about 11k miles before new cap was fitted.
(11-08-2018, 07:40 PM)Opensauce Wrote:  The op mentions redesigned tank but in link to Peugeot forum it suggests problem is solved by fitting new ventilated cap provided no damage has been done to pump caused presumably by lack of vent on old cap?

Yes, I thnik it's the current understanding - if the cap was replaced early, it should be allright. If not (the pump already damaged), then a new tank replacement. Yet I've head also since Urea eats metal and the "old" pump/or/some hydraulic parts/or/tank had some metal parts that started to leak due to corrosive effect, hence the new tank and pump system uses mostly plastic parts but this info is not confirmed yet and don't take my word on lt. 

I'm hoping some inside Citroen person can clarify the actual situation with the reocurring AdBlue problems and the coming solutions from Citroen...?

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