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Recommend Socket Set
Looking at doing my own 1st service. 
Replaced air and pollen filters, next is fuel and oil/change.
Found old set at parents but its slap dash and after looking at the oil filter and sump, non fit. 
Found looking for 21mm sump and 27mm oil filter.
Can anyone recommend socket set for the job and future use. 
Among my huge collection of tools (always convinced that you can never have too many tools) I have several 'sets'.

But I rarely use many of the sizes in each set, and that's because most cars nowadays have a limited range of nut/bolt sizes. So I tend to buy individual spanners etc for each specific job.

You'll find, for example, that although you might need, say, a 17mm socket or ring spanner for a particular bolt, you will also need several different 17mm sockets/rings because of access difficulties.

All this is a long-winded way of saying that it is often better to buy individual tools rather than a complete set.
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Something like this is a great start to a tool collection:

[url=Something like this is a great start to a tool collection:]Something like this is a great start to a tool collection:[/url]

There's lifetime guarantee on most of the items (apart from the ratchet mechanisms I think) and a lot of "stuff" for £120. You'll find that, over the years, you'll add tools for different job on different cars. I've had mine for over 12 years, broken various things and, as a "home spanner monkey", have been extremely happy with it. Halfords even replace the plastic case when the hinges break! They used to anyway.
Single hex sockets are less likely to round off hex fasteners,unless of course you are finishing off with a torque wrench (25nm for the oil change on both of the hexes)
You also need a 10 mm for the sump guard and 1/4" drive is a lot easier to twirl.A tin of copper grease is handy to have to treat these fasteners for next time.Dont put anything on a thread that needs a torque reading though as it will give a false reading and potentially overtighten/strip the thread.
My Google Keep notes are:

27 mm socket for filter cover
21 mm for sump plug
25nm Torque wrench for both
1/2" Ratchet and extension bar
1/4" drive ratchet and 10 mm socket
small elect rical screwdriver for underguard popfasteners
Spirit level
Old 5 litre oil container
4 litre new oil Total Quartz ineo low sap for PSA group
1109ay oil filter
31340 sump plug washer
Jacks ,blocks,stands
1444tv air filter
9809721080 fuel filter
If any of that helps.

I got two sump plug washers for £1 on eBay as the part no is the same for a Volvo v60 and others (20mm od 10mm Id)
The genuine Citroen oilfilter is a Mahle if you want to save some more unneccessary dosh outlay
I'm doing my own servicing now the cars out of warranty and also I have come to distrust the local dealer who was doing it before for various reasons.
There's a few hex heads on the car but internal and external Torx TX make a show too.
Which model is your Berlingo?
M49/M59/B7 ?

On the M49/59 you also want 24mm and a large HEX bit for the rear shocks.
(I advice 24mm sockets, not spanners, and a proper breaker bar... )

You'll need 32 or 36mm for the front Hub nuts.
I have now 3 diferent size torque wrenches.
One for up to 20nM (head bolts, there you also need a grade disck type tool)
Another for up to 50 or 60nM (bought when I needed to torque the nuts on the big end of the piston rods)
Those two may be combined in one, if you get one that has the range for it.
My third is one that goes up to 300nM, for hub nuts.

A set of Torx tools is good.
Note that if you want to mess about with the rear axle you'll need one that's slightly larger than what's available in most sets. (Also the bolts there needs to be torqued, so get a 1/2" socket set with long stems)

Any variant of 10 and 13mm spanner you can find...
Straight, bent, angled, built-in ratchet...

I have a couple of ratchets for sockets(1/4" and 3/8" ) where you can twist the handle in addition to the back and forth motion.
Thank you for the suggestions.
Car out of warranty for a while, but more the case currently trying to save money in the long run and like tinkering.
Saves me currently tinkering with the house which is another ongoing money drain project.
Car mk3 2011.
Currently bash plate has been removed by the garage after they damaged the screws holding it on the side, so guessing rusty. Thou would like to replace it, save all that water/grime going up into the engine bay.
Was able to borrow socket set of neighbour after chatting to them, so oil and fuel filers all changed out.
So first full service complete, quite happy with self, thou oil a dirty job, might invest in proper oil dish/pan collection thing instead of cut up container, thankfully used cardboard for protecting the floor.

Lesson learnt have container or glass jar for left over fuel in the fuel filter as you don't see that bit in the videos with diesel draining out.
Also the oil filter is clicked into the unit cap so didn't just pull out simply, but figured that out soon enough.
I use an old oil container because you can funnel it out via the screwcap afterwards.
I was using the turkey roasting tin until she found out.
As mentioned Halfords professional set you really can't go wrong for the price and a life time guarantee.

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