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[Engine] 1.6HDi P0104 Anti Pollution Fault
Has anyone else had P0104 on their M59 1.6? The fault is defined as "Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Intermittent" there's a thread in the B9 section about it, but are the MAF & turbo are the same on B9 & M59? I can't see any pipes going from the MAF to the Turbo. Maybe it's the wastegate control the post refers to?

I bought the car with this fault and assumed I'd need a new MAF so we agreed a price accordingly. It's been kept clean outside but under the bonnet is a slightly different story, no oil leaks but lots of dust & grime so maybe there's a loose connection somewhere.

Any thoughts appreciated.
I would say the pipe that is being refereed to in the thread is the white pipe that goes from the turbo air intake pipe into the rocker cover oil separator.

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
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All the 1.6 hdi had a maf fitted in the airbox with a pipe that went straight into the turbo? It’s either not a 1.6hdi or a serious piece of pipe is missing?

It is a diesel hdi 1.6? If so the turbo is at the front and the pipe exits the passenger side of the turbo and into the maf directly which is fitted in the airbox...???
He is referring to the 3” diameter pipe you can’t miss from maf to the turbo, and the white clip is in a pipe which comes off the side of said pipe about an inch on diameter into the rocker cover and wasn’t fitted correctly on his due to broken clips probably, all he’s done is cable tie the little pipe in correctly
Thanks to you both for reading the original post much better than I did! I had at first thought the post was meaning a small pipe or tube rather than the main air intake, but that's the value of asking. The airbox was loose due to the rubber mountings wearing away & that 'small' pipe from the rocker breather had a fair amount of oil & muck at the join.
I've cleaned the breather pipe & stabilised the airbox using some heavy duty rubber fuel pipe where the upper grommets normally go and have ordered a new air filter element so will take another look when the filter arrives. I'll ask Mr Lexia to take a look at it when it's all back together again and see if that's the source of the problem.
Hey, try what I did and blank the egr. Or just pull the plug for a while and try it first. I know it's my first thing on the 1.6 hdi now but mine runs like a dream and I'm more and more convinced that the egr is responsible for a lot of issues from pollution faults to lack of power to high intake temps, bad fuel consumption and lumpy idling. All gone now its blanked. At £3 and half an hours work, it's well worth a try first.
My Van: 2007 1.6 HDi 600 - currently on 62,000 miles  Sleepy
Yep, the EGR blank is on my list, just waiting for one to arrive. Am I correct in thinking that the EGR is at the back of the engine, low down on the right (battery) side?
I'm also waiting on a used MAF to see if the EML problem goes away for the MOT. Lexia has a slightly different view of the fault saying that there's no connection with the MAF, not just intermittent, the wiring & connections to the ECU all look intact so hopefully the replacement MAF will help.

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