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Rear Seat Fitting
Good morning all.

As the summer months are dwindling pretty fast now I'm converting my 2002 Multispace back to a 5 seater.

I have picked up some Berlingo/Partner folding rear seats for a bargain but i don't have the anchor fitting for the hook part of the seat. Are these easy to come by? I have seen some where people have made/welded their own but at present that's not an option for me.

I'm comfortable bolting the necessary parts in but just wonder if there's any third party suppliers that do the anchors etc. 

This is the back of my Berlingo (pre camper conversion)

This is the anchor part I require.

Thanks in advance. 

Looks like it was a wheelchair adapted car. I'm assuming the seats come with the hooks & hinges, so it's the recessed bar(s) that you need? Do you have any pictures of the bare floor?
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Correct, the Berlingo at one point had wheelchair access with a ramp. Bit of a pain as part of the floor will need to be built up. The front part of seats will be fine as it will bolt into the floor. I just need to know if anywhere does the anchor part or if I'll need to get that part made.....

No pics of the bare floor sorry.
You could ask some of the conversion specialists and see if they have a pile of fittings sat around - trouble is 2002 model's likely to have had those binned? Likes of in Devon ?
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Thanks for your replies. Does anyone know the correct name term for the floor anchors? I'm sure there's a generic product out there but just can't remember the correct name for it.
i would aslo check the v5 as to what seats its supposed to have normal for a van 2 with bench seat 3 and so on but if its not on the v5 you will have to get it tested at dvla or insurance will be invalid
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You could cut the floor out of a scrap car and make yours back to standard, there's nothing there for your latches to connect to at present. You could make some taller ones to bolt to your present floor with a bit of ingenuity but you'll need something for the seats to rest on.
So where does this bit go then ?
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  • Jonboy123
Hello everyone. So I had a mooch around today and underneath the carpet was the pre-drilled holes for the seats. BINGO! 

However, I now have the same issue i started with where there is nothing for the hook part of the seats to attach too. 

I could build up the floor and install some anchors but not sure ok what with rules and regulations etc.
Can you advise the correct name for this part? I need to purchase replacements but getting the terminology wrong.
For the parts ringed in the picture, you'll probably be best going to a breaker's yard or looking on fleabay for one that's being broken.
For the floor anchors, don't want to state the obvious too much but those anchors also take the strain from the seat belts in case of an accident so they need to be solid to be safe.
For your insurance, what does your V5 say about the car, is it a camper conversion, wheel chair converted etc?

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