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What diagnostic reader?
Hi Guys,

I've got the engine warning coming up, "engine fault", "add particle filter as its low".

Ive now filled the empty tank with EOLYS fluid but the engine warning message keeps coming up.

Ive got the MOT in a couple of weeks and this will be a failure.

Does anyone know where to buy a  Diagnostic Code reader that can get rid of this message as I dont want to pay Citreon £100 to clear the fault code

Most cheap scanners will clear the eml, even though they might do little else.

I've got dedicated scanners for Mercedes and for Citroen/Peugeot. Same make and model for each car. They are not cheap at around £140 each, but extremely comprehensive, covering engine, transmission, airbag, abs, and a wide range of other potential issues. I can update them free online if needed.

All depends how far you want to go, really. You pays your money ...

It often happens that after a few starts, depending on what caused the light, that it will go off by itself once the fault is fixed.
If you just want a cheap device to read & clear generic codes, look on the bay for OBD / ELM readers for about £3.50 for a UK based item upwards & download the Torque app for a smartphone. It works fine on Android and looks to be available for IOS too.
My experience is that these devices don't last too long, I'm on my second one now & have been for a while so maybe it was just the first one that failed. FWIW it was a cheap blue one that I had first.
Diagbox will reset the counters. Put your location up and see if anyone is near you with the kit.
2001 1.9D Multispace.
Diagbox diagnostics in Northumberland.
I use DiagBox on a laptop for in depth checking and also have a bluetooth dongle that connects to the car interface under the dash and it talks to an app called Torque on my mobile.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

If you have only Citroen or Peugeot cars Lexia / Diagbox is the way to go. Then you are on the same level as your Citroen garage. But it is tricky to install the software on an PC / notebook. Best is still a Win XP IOS.

  If you have the need working on different brands you should look for WoW snooper or Delphi cars DS150e scanner. Bluetooth is not necessary, but should give no problems on actual scanners. The software runs up to Win 10 64bit.
Regards Rolf


Berlingo Blue HDI120 S&S Shine, 08/2016, KYANOS Blue Metallic

Thanks for the replies.
I've fixed the engine fault so i just need the cheapest way to get rid of the message which is driving me mad also it's going to fail the MOT unless I remove it.
Seen a few on ebay but when I've messaged the sellers they say they don't remove the warning.

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What hardware cable do I need if I download Diagbox on to my laptop?
For Diagbox or Lexia you need hardware & software. There are plenty on ebay that will show you what's needed. If you look on the French Car Forum, they keep a list of people with Lexia / Diagbox so you can find someone that's nearest to you. You could also let people on here know where you are and maybe someone local with Lexia will get in touch.
From the car to the unit it should be a OBD2 plug which comes as a standard with the adapter. Just have a look to your car. Only for older cars, lets say before 2000 you might need an other plug.  From the unit to the PC / notebook it is USB2. Both systems I mentioned cost around 35 pound.
Regards Rolf


Berlingo Blue HDI120 S&S Shine, 08/2016, KYANOS Blue Metallic


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