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New Berlingo Multispace
Hi all. 

I am thinking of getting a new shape Berlingo Multispace in the near future and I just wanted your feedback.

Although they havent officially been launched yet, I have sat in one in a Citroen dealer and they are lovely!!

I've never owned a Citroen before and I would like your thoughts. 

How have you found your Belingo's to be?

Have they been reliable?

This would be a long term keeper for me so how have you found their rust resistance to be??

Would you happily buy another one??

Thank you for your help and comments!

Clarkie Smile
I must say that I think the new version looks very nice.
I had a new Mk2 from mid 2003 till March 2012 then got a new Mk3
I have never has a spot of rust on either and apart from a minor problem
with the o/s sliding door on the Mk2 which was solved under warranty
they have been great.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
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  • Clarkie1978
Hi Trevor and thanks for your reply.

It's great to hear you love yours and you have been pleased with it.

I have sat in the brand new shape in a Citroen dealer and I love it.

I love the new face /grill that Citroens have now as it makes them totally different to everything else on the road!

It's just a slight worry that Citroens come towards the bottom of reliability tables every year!
Reliability tables mean nothing. It’s like which cars are most likely to fail their first mot. You read it & see they were failing on things like headlamp bulbs. Anybody with sense would at least check the lights worked before going for mot.

Best one I remember yrs ago was people carriers. Seat Alambra, Ford Galaxy & VW Sharan came near top, middle & bottom of reliabilty table. Only thing was at the time all 3 cars were built on the same production line with only the badges different.

The Cit diesel engine is common to several makes including Ford & BMW. My previous Berlingo ran for 8yrs & 80k miles with only an egr valve failure. My current Berl was new in Mar ‘17 & so far after 17k miles totally reliable. Always serviced at Cit garage.

You also have the choice of Peugeot & Vauxhall versions all built on the same line.
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  • Clarkie1978
Hi Opensauce and thanks for your reply.

I see you are from Essex. I live near to Southend!

It's great to hear both of your Berlingos have been reliable.

I know, like you mentioned, dome of the daft ways they measure reliability I. E. Failed bulbs etc!!

I was aware of the 3 different makes of car being the same car. I just much prefer and love the Citroen version.

The front is very cool and much different to everything else on the road.

Price wise I reckon with discount (I. E. Carwow), the Citroen and Vauxhall will be the cheapest. I don't think Peugeot do offers or discounts as much as the other 2.

Thats good for me because I want the Citroen!! Smile
I'm on my 2nd Berlingo & have had no problems at all.My last,an M59,57 reg,I had for 8 years & 55,000 milles.My present B9 is a 65 reg & 15000 miles.It's slightly more economical than the old one but long distance seat comfort is not as good.Reliability is subjective.Some vehicles are neglected & give problems & these are the ones you hear about,strangely with no reference to (lack of) maintenance.Look after it & I'm confident you will become another "Berlingoist".
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
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  • Clarkie1978
Hi Ron.

Thanks for your comments.

You must love them if you are on your second!

Love the term "Berlingoist"!! Smile
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  • ron

I'm also on my second Berlingo, my first a early 1.8 petrol cost me a grand and I got 9 years out of it.
My second a 08 current shape 1.6 hdi diesel I got 3 years ago with 117000 miles on it ,cost £2800 is also doing well it's now on 132000 miles I've driven it to Bulgaria and back twice , it's had a timing belt and water pump kit , two oil and filter changes and a set of tyres.

I'm very happy I bought both of them.


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  • Art b, Clarkie1978
The proper short form for our cars is 'BB' (Beloved Berlingo).

That said, I think the M49 is the best looker of them. There's something both cheeky and aggressive about the stance and those headlights. The M59 got those weird headlights, but as it's still basically the same car it's also OK. The B9 was attacked by rabid designer with broken rulers, hence the funky windows... It did have way cooler headlights than the M59, though.

I'm not going to write what I think of the front of the latest generation...
(except that it's one of the reasons I intend to keep my m49 rolling for many, many years... )
My philosophy is 'keep it simple and functional, elegance will follow'.
(OK, The HY van was simple and functional, but never ever elegant. It's the exception to the rule. They're also becoming collectors items now, and they even did one on Wheeler Dealers... )

Also, remember to get one with the colour 'Inferno Red' (code KJAD ) as it's the perfect colour for the car.
(It's a bit difficult to airbrush 'True Fire' on red, but I guess that's just 'suffering for perfection' or something)

Gold is an acceptable second choice, and Black also goes.
There's no excuse for white, though, particularly on the vans.
Green is OK if it's the BRG colour and you intend to take it to Nurburgring.
(You wouldn't be the firt to take one there. I think the best time is 10:10 )

My TV is broken, so I'm just trolling around on the net tonight...
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