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I don't have a Berlingo…yet
I've just become a father (5 sleepless weeks ago) and have realized that my trusty 13 year old Mercedes A class (which has been great) isn't big enough for a little man 24 inches in length.

So I've been looking at 'upgrading' from a Mercedes to a Berlingo.

I'm after a newer shape 2002-2005 for my budget, the 2.0l with a glass panel roof (the extra stowage will come in handy I feel).

Any tips, anything I should look out for, mechanical problems etc?
Anything I should be alerted to for this age of car such as cam belts or turbos (are they expensive to fix)?
Is there an issue with the 1.6 turbo diesel?
On the LPG version where is the tank? Is it worth going for this over the 2.0 diesel?

Oh yeah, and anyone got one for sale (I have looked in the classifieds, some people seem to charge the earth for them!).

I've always like Berlingo's. This is a great forum by the way.

Many thanks

Yes. Berlingo is very convenient car for family.
From my point of view it's better to take used car without turbo charger.
Price for original turbocharger in my country ca. 1 797,88 €.
Non-original costs more expensive (it's a Citroen) Smile
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  • lee
Hello Lee and hope the search goes well.

Just the usual things to check, satisfy yourself with the mileage and service history. General condition etc

The electrics can be a little "French" at times, so make sure that all the warnings lights light up when they should and go out when they should. Also lights fans etc all work.

I don't think that any particular engine is better than any other, it depends on your needs for mileage etc. I have the 2.0 HDi with 153,000, still on the original clutch, but the third alternator.

I'd suggest driving one of each version you are considering and see how you get on.

I'm sure some others will be along with their wisdom soon.
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  • lee
Welcome to the forum lee.

On the LPG, it's a factor we have considered before in decided petrol or not, but if you take into account the cost of the conversion and the lower MPG you get from LPG, it wasn't something worth sacrificing the diesel 1.6/2.0 for. Plus, LPG has nearly doubled at the pump since it's introduction, so it won't be long before it ain't a bargain itself.

As for the location of the tank, they usually put it where the spare is iirc.
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  • lee
Hi Lee and congratulations on the little one. Funnily enough we bought an A-class when we had our first baby as it seemed like the ideal car for that. The Berlingo though is much bigger inside and the sliding doors are brilliant for getting little ones in and out of their seats without killing your back especially if you are in a car park. You will also get the mountain of kit, prams, buggies (and the rest) in the boot far more easily.

For what it's worth, I wouldn't rule out a petrol Berlingo. They are cheaper to buy and run, the fuel costs less to start with, and you have to be doing a lot of miles each year before you actually start saving money.
2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

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  • lee
I bought my Berlingo 9 months after our first child in 2004 and we still have the car, hence it's a great car for kids.
The slide doors are great and as they get older it's better for them once they start opening them on their own.

I converted mine to LPG in 2008. On that score, only do it if a) you will keep the car 4+ years and b) it's new enough to be worth converting.

Cost wise, LPG is not catching petrol prices up.

It may have doubled since it first launched, but in that time so has petrol. When I converted, petrol reached 95p a litre, which convinced me to take the plunge. My first tank of LPG was 43p a litre and round my way it is cheap.

Currently I pay 62p a litre (19p more per litre), petrol is about £1.30 (35p more per litre) cheapest in the area, so it's still about half, however, I win year on year as it doesn't take a degree in maths to work out that the half price of £1.30 is a greater saving than half price of 95p.

So don't be put off by LPG prices, because I am actually saving more money as fuel costs rise across the board.
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  • lee
Thanks for the replies guys (and gals). Thomas is currently grouchy and crying to the extent that our neighbours probably think we are pulling out his fingernails or something. Or worse...nose hairs!

I parked in front of a Berlingo today and my mind is set. I want one!

One of the reasons I was discounting the petrol is the extra cost of tax.

Thanks Tucker for the info on LPG. Something to consider.

Thanks for the congrats Chris. He is lovely.

Coco, thanks, that's not a bad idea to take each for a drive.

Thanks for the welcome Andre.

Just a few more questions, if i go down the petrol route do you recommend I go 1.4 or 1.6? Are they ok on petrol?

Am I right in thinking the 1.9D will drive me mad because it's a tad slow and not that great on juice?

The rear windows don't wind down, so does it get hot in the summer (especially with the sunroof panels)? Is air conditioning worth it?

Any noises I should listen for when driving along? I heard there were some issues with the rear suspension?

What goes wrong that's expensive to fix?

Ok, that's more than a few questions. You all seem to really like your 'lingo's.

Many thanks,

Lee (OMG I have to get up in 5 hours!!!!!)
Check for rainwater ingress, I had to have my windscreen replaced, feel around the fuseboard right side of steering wheel for wetness, if the sponge material is saturated, then run for the hills !!! Mine still leaks but only minor,water collects in the window seals and will rust away eventually, a common problem you wouldn't expect on a vehicle from 2004 !!!
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  • lee
I went for the 1.6 petrol because it had a bit more hp and the quoted fuel consumption was the same as the 1.9d. A friend at the time had a 1.4 and changed it for 2.0hdi because it was a bit under gunned. So I would say the 1.6 of the petrol models, but then I am biased.

Also the 1.6 petrol is not as common, so there aren't too many of them about.

If in your shoes, I would probably be looking to find a decent 2.0hdi as a first choice.

The rear windows push out, as do the ones in the boot area. I had air-con added to mine from new, but it was an optional extra, so again, finding an older model with air-con might not be so easy, but definitely a bonus with young ones in the car.
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  • lee
Thanks Tucker and Elienao, I will check for water and I think you are right about the 2.0.

Have a great weekend. The hunt continues!

If anyone else wan't to chip in, feel free.

Oh, do you get thrown out of here if you get a Peugeot Partner?


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