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[Engine] Whine from Aux Belt possible causes
Hi All, 

There has been a high pitched whine coming from the engine for some time, approx last Autumn. It increases with revs. 
A mate looked at it and said wait until something happens. Well its been getting annoying and as I'm into repairs now (heater matrix), thought I'd better have a look. 
Slipped the Aux belt off and whine has disappeared. Got another chirping noise, so as its 10 years gonna change the timing belt anyway and hope its an idler. 
Back to checking the Aux idler and tensioner, they spin nicely but not freely suggesting bearings are good and still have grease in them with no play. Alternator spins nicely but I'm advised it should have a free wheel pulley, is that correct? and if so should it be free with no power applied? There is some end play in the Air Con but guess with the clutch out thats to be expected? The power steering pump though has slight sideways play and endfloat. No fluid leaking, and a dip into the reservoir looks to be clean. Could it be the pump though thats whining? or maybe the crank pulley? but that seems tight and the rubber sandwich? good. Any advice would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A spray can of belt dressing- if you can find one....
Ok for a start you want to forget about using belt dressing that stuff isn't for now and you need to get it sorted properly before anything goes wrong with a bang. I've used the stuff in an industrial setting but never a fan of it and certainly it has no place on an automobile.

Anyway firstly you need to have both belts replaced and use a full kit so you have new idlers for piece of mind, timing belt kits including water pump are not expensive, inspect the crank pulley on strip down.

A timing belt kit might well sort the chirping and an aux belt kit may well sort the whining so before going too deep with the hydraulic pump get the basics sorted first and see what happens then, good luck.
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Freewheel pulley - I didn't think an M59 had that but then you never know.

Al it is in essence is a sprag clutch and it is easy to check the function, see here for some information from " Gates " ( a good supplier for your belt kits also.)
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Model, year, engine and mileage may help. When I replaced the timing belt on my 1.4 petrol the alt belt tensioner was replaced at the same time as it had got a bit rough and chirped at times.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
If its a 1.6hdi they can be a bit noisy just change the belt and it will go for a short time but will come back.
Thank you for the advice so far.
Exact model is M59 Escapade 08 1.6HDi 90, 83,000 on the clock. The chirping was present shortly after purchase (reckon the dodgy stealer I bought it from had used spray on it to shut it up) Our local indy specialist advised some do it, others dont so live with it. My previous one (same model) with over 160K on the clock never had the noise. 4 years on its still there but has obviously been masked of late by the louder whine.
Aux belt was changed 20,000 miles ago and still looks good, no shine on the back to suggest slipping or wear.
Is there a water pump involved....?
they can make wierd noises..

2004 ,1.9d Berlingo Multispace.
called Brian... Smile
Hello - I'd go with Geoff's idea but being Scottish......

Ignoring cam belt 'cos you are going to do that anyway and there's no noise with the aux belt off the car
replace the cheapest bits first so - idlers - the one on the aux tensioner may match the idler pulley so you do not need to buy a new tensioner assembly - not sure you'd need to double check part numbers - Gates' website usually is quite good.

If it is the alternator pulley (my experience here is NOT from French cars but Jeep) then if they have an over run clutch in the pulley this can often fail and give you a 'chirp' at tickover/slow revs. There's a spring loaded beastie inside the pulley than can give up the ghost - the springs break and it no longer acts as a clutch. That makes the belt jump when the tickover is uneven. The chirping usually goes away as you increase the revs and smoothes out the engine.

If your noise just increases in pitch as you rev up then I'g go for the pulleys first - don't buy crap (just had a FleaBay one fail on our Renault with less than 2,000 miles on it - took the belt out too so I should have just bought decent stuff first time around 'Buy cheap, buy twice'). Swap both out and chuck your original belt back on - see what that does....
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... and I'm even tighter being a Southerner! LOL, I guess hoping for a direct answer was asking a lot but I like the idea of just buying standard pulleys, if its interchangeable. Go with the don't buy crap.
I'm interested no one has had this problem before as listening to mine, you get paranoid about the sound and Ive noticed several other HDi powered cars with the same sound.

Thanks again.

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