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Replacement engine suppliers ?
Hello everyone.

My girlfriends 2011 Berlingo Mspace XTR HD191 - a 1600 diesel - has destroyed its cambelt at 67k miles and most likely taken out a few valves and god knows what else in the process.

I'm looking for suggestions as to suppliers of replacement engines who aren't crooks. I say this because once upon a time I worked as an engine builder for a couple of these firms ( I was only obeying orders, honest  Big Grin ) and I trust them about as far as I can throw them.

We are on a bit of a tight timescale here - the vehicle is wheelchair adapted with a ramp so she can look after her dad, who is paraplegic. Until she gets it fixed he can't go out - or more importantly getting him to the hospital becomes complicated.

So, who can I trust ? who have you had good honest reliable service from in the past ?
If belt has failed then I would think only the cylinder head needs fixing. I would guess an exchange cylinder head can be had from Citroen parts then at least you know it’s ok.

Does car have full service history from Citroen dealer workshop? If it does & belt has failed at 67k then you may have a good claim from Citroen UK because change interval for belt is stated at 160k miles or 10yrs whichever comes first.
Cheers for the reply

The service history is a bit complicated - it doesn't have a complete one because the Motability dealer who supplied the van managed to lose the service book before the vehicle was purchased. They swore they'd get it replaced but did nothing about it - and when we tried to contact them we found out they have gone bust....

I would think that the head is probably the only casualty of the belt shredding as well - I'm half tempted to recondition one for it myself so I know it's been done properly, but that will take more time than we have - the girlfriend needs it back on the road ASAP. I'll try Citroen parts then.
If the car has a Cit garage service history then Cit UK should have a computer record of it even if garage has gone bust. You can contact them from number on Citroen UK website. If you get car fixed at Cit garage then at least you can get a quick & warrantied job & you might get some money back off Cit.

It worked for me a few yrs ago with my previous Berlingo. The egr valve failed about 6 mnths out of warranty & after a “robust” email exchange with Cit UK they refunded me the parts costs ie £300 of the £500 bill. Tbf that was the only major repair the car needed in 8yrs/80k miles.
Computer record....never thought of that....I'll tell the missis and get her to contact Citroen. Which is when we find out the original dealer lied about the FSH I suppose Big Grin
It's interesting to know that it's possible to get car manufacturers to cough up something towards repair...
The service history would be useful as it'll give some indication of how well the car was looked after. But I'd think it's worth getting on to Citroen & mentioning Trading Standards (sale of goods act / fit for purpose etc) even if you don't find the history. As it's a Motability car, are there other checks that need to be carried out regularly, does the MOT history tell a good story?
I'll have to find all this out....I'm not sure about Motability having extra checks....luckily I have found a breaker locally who may have an engine. They have a good reputation so they are my next port of call.
Thanks for all your help, I can see why your forum title says " community gem " Smile

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