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MOT Fail: Brake load sensing valve
"Brake load sensing valve seized but anti-lock breaking system functioning rear" is the fail I got today. The tester told me some WD40 could do the trick to unseizing it. Where abouts is it located on the van? Thanks Smile
also the van is a 2005 2.0 hdi if that helps
it's a block of metal on the frame holding the rear axle, right next to the righthand wheel.
just crawl under the car(while you have it up on jackstands) and follow the brakelines and you'll find it easy.
there's an arm on it that's connected to the swingarm the wheel is on, via a spring.
That's the arm you need to free up.
At the same time verify that the spring is in good order.

You had bad luck it seems. A lot of inspectors doesn't even know that it's there or think that it's just a distribution point and therefore doesn't look too hard at it...
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thank you! I still can't find it anywhere so give up for now anyway and just take it to be repaired lol
Its well hidden unless you have ABS then its not fitted .
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
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(06-09-2018, 04:56 PM)gotoberlin Wrote:  thank you! I still can't find it anywhere so give up for now anyway and just take it to be repaired lol

OK so I have had 206s in the past and my Berlingo uses ABS but

Look for a 'thing' like that (we failed on one) - WD40/grease the heck out of it and then go for a drive over not so smooth roads - that may start to free it up, repeat the WD40 trick and go around the block again - usually works
Our cars - 2008 1.6 HDi 92 Berlingo (His)
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Hi Gadgetman, if you search the quote below there are pictures on there of what it looks like. Some of you will have noticed that the Load sensing valve spring is not available sold separately, so if you're in need of one go to ebay and copy & paste in the search bar:

Citroen Berlingo, Brake Compensator, Load Proportioning / Sensing Valve Spring

This will save you a small fortune.
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Hi bertie,
Are you trying to promote/sell these expensive springs as I,ve noticed all your posts are about these springs?

PS it was gotoberlin and not gadgetman who couldn't find the valve !
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
Unfortunately, Bertie is right, it's elfed difficult to find that spring anywhere online, and while the price may seem steep for being 'just a spring', he could have really gouged us for it.
(The only alternatives is rusted parts from a breaker, or going to Citroën and trying to buy one there... )

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