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oil flush? 1.6hdi
berlingo 1.6HDi needs oil, does the oil benefit from being flushed first? is there anything cheap I can use to flush it with?

No do not flush can cause you an awful lot of trouble by disturbing old crud especially on a 1.6 HDi, better option is regual oil changes.
Agree with v6boy and also a cheap or non - "low saps" variety will not hold on to the junk like the correct spec.
A quick run out with some cheap stuff won't hurt just for your own state of mind though.,but you will find these motors black up the oil within a few days anyway
Ive been flushing mine and every other 1.6hdi ive serviced for years - dont use flushing oil just a cheap oil run though them to get the crap out. The new good oil you then fill with will stay clean for much longer.

Modern synthetic oils are very clingy and tend to not drain totally leaving quite a lot of the old oil on the engine components. Using some cheap oil say 10w40 semi from Asda helps clean some of the oild oil out.

Ive been on the tools for years (now retired) and flushing was a big no no when i started on the tools years ago as it washed the sh1t out of the bearing journals causing problems. new engines are completely different and work with much closer tolerances so flushing does not cause a problem.

Some dealers now advise a flush on modern diesels but the old ways lives on in the minds of people.

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