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Newbie buying advice

I've spent most of the night in Google/eBay/gumtrre/autotrader hell trying to decide on what type of Berlingo to go for.
I think the budget keeps it in the m59 territory (between £1500-3000), any advice on certain models to go for/stay away from?
Common problems to keep an eye out for?
There seems to be a lot for sale around the 100k mark, I'm guessing that this is a big expensive service interval?
Any advice would be great before I start ringing around to have a look at some.
Are you good mechanically..
A lot of the work is relatively simple

2004 ,1.9d Berlingo Multispace.
called Brian... Smile
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(07-09-2018, 10:11 PM)Art b Wrote:  Are you good mechanically..
A lot of the work is relatively simple

I wouldn't say that I'm "good mechanically" but I can get by with smaller jobs.
I can budget some of the bigger jobs in to the prices I'm looking at I guess, just not sure what would need doing around the 100k mark and costs involved.
Later diesel M59's after about 2005 will be the 1.6 HDi 16v. This engine is prone to turbo problems if not serviced properly with the correct oil so a good service history is important. Major service item at 100-150k / 10 yrs is the cambelt. Again if you don't know the history it might be a good idea to get that done sooner rather than later.
The good news is that the M59 1.6HDi is unlikely to have a DPF.
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Torn between a 05 1.9 diesel (I think it's a desire as it has the glass roof) it's done 130k but had the timing belt done

Or a 06 1.6 petrol forte on 100k but it's had a new clutch.

The petrol is a bit more expensive but looks cleaner. Which would you guys lean towards? Hopefully going to view the diesel later
New clutch is good news, should last you a while.

My 1.6 petrol (2003) needed its new one at 120k miles... also recently had a new starter motor at about 130k. Otherwise it's just been the usual stuff like drop links, exhaust, tyres, replacing a bashed mirror. ISTR a new radiator a few years back too, and a refurb indicator stalk as below. But nothing was too pricey, plenty of cheap and used parts available for these.

Watch out for splayed-out rear wheels - means you need a new (reconditioned) axle soonish... not had that on mine yet, thankfully, and double check all electrics work properly. Indicator stalk assembly can be glitchy e.g. a common issue is that when self-cancelling it turns opposite indicator on...
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The 2 litre diesel is a very robust and reliable engine.
The m59 1.6 petrol is vulnerable for blowing cylinder head gasket on higher mileage like 100 to 150k.
Changing the cambelt should not a problem.
But changing the clutch or the rear axle is a pain.
On a ten year old Berlingo you could have all kind of electrical problems - sometimes very difficult.
Spare parts are really cheap.
Regards Rolf


Berlingo Blue HDI120 S&S Shine, 08/2016, KYANOS Blue Metallic

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Just been to view the diesel, found the clutch really heavy and it had a pretty rough repair patch over the top of one of the sills. Engine management light in it too which he reckons he will sort Monday but I've left it alone for now
I think you will be very wise to avoid this one.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
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Didn't feel right, I'm out. In to the next one I think

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