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[Engine] Radiator cooling fan not working.
Hi all. Have just purchased 2006 Berlingo 1.9 600DLX. Discovered overheating problem next day. Radiator cooling fan doesn't kick in so had a look. Needed to replace missing thermostat and damaged radiator anyway. Checked there was volts at fan relays and there was so took covers off and tried manually closing relays. Fan spun up on both speeds. Thermostat housing has two sensors one green one blue (unplugged). There are two wires with no plug on. White has 12v on it and other dead. One side of green plug (green wire) has 5v. Unfortunately I accidentally shorted slow speed relay to engine and somthing popped now neither relay works fan. Funny thing is though there is 12v at relay socket heavy live which switches through to other main live if you manually operate relay with fan disconnected at plug, but when you connect fan volts disappear. Thought fan may be dragging supply down so ran temp supply to fan from battery and it spins up. 3"x 2" box with two heavy white 12v supplies and five pin plug has only one 12v on white unless you energise relay inside by disconnecting and reconn reconnecting battery live terminal. I'm no auto electrician, so could any body please help me find a soluton.  Thanks in advance.
Does your car have AC?
if not, the fan should be controlled by a thermal switch on the radiator.

If there's an AC in the car, it's probably got something to do with the mutilated connector.

Was this car sold by a company or a private seller?
You may want to lodge a complaint or something as this can soon get expensive.
Hi Gadgetman thanks for your reply. Vehicle bought from private seller. Will be lodging something but it won't be a complain't in his inbox (it will be in his outbox) if I catch up with him. Thinking I've had my ☆☆ ☆☆ well & truly smacked with this. Too late now though am already in for the long haul so am throwing myself at the mercy of anybody on here for advice. Temp sensor/fan switch on thermostat housing Green or Blue sensor I think (see attached photo). Van doesn't have A/C.
Have already replaced radiator. Does the ECU have any say in this? If so can I bypass it and just have fan on thermal switch to switch control voltage to high speed fan relay. Just want everything simple (old school). Have had enough of over complicated vehicles. IE want glow plugs on push switch instead of ECU controlled etc.
(09-09-2018, 10:36 PM)Tansloyd Wrote:  Hi all. Have just purchased 2006 Berlingo 1.9 600DLX. Discovered overheating problem next day. Radiator cooling fan doesn't kick in so had a look.

You may have a look in the German Berlingo forum.

May be it's not a direct answer, but it shows how rotten the relays could be after some years so there is the need for inspection.
Regards Rolf


Berlingo Blue HDI120 S&S Shine, 08/2016, KYANOS Blue Metallic


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