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AUX install for radio
Hello guys.

I have Berlingo without AUX outlet original,but have seen this thing on some models,like on picture. Does somebody knows is it hassle to install it,and maybe parts number needed for that?

Thank you guys!

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There is a connector on the back of the radio for an AUX lead, however this needs activating with Citroen software, either at a main dealer or an independent dealer who has the software, (or a friendly person that has the software available).

As for the usb side, I'm not too sure where this connects to on the wiring loom, maybe there is a connector behind the blank.

I bought one of these off ebay

and activated it myself, I already had the software and leads as I bought them for when I activated the cruise control.
Hello Peter,and thanx for reply! Okay,i understand it,however,would rather like to put music that i have on stick,because on mobile phone i dont have music,and trying to use phone less as possible.

Maybe need to reconsider to buy aftermarket radio with usb outlet front,and then i have it done,need to sleep overSmile
I assume you have the RD4 radio/CD player, but this model comes in different versions

If you are just happy to have a 3.5mm 'headphone' jack available to plug in to then something like Peter Palmer linked to would be OK. You would still need this to be activated by using something like Diagbox/Lexia

If you want USB, then you need a different version of the RD4, which I think is called the RD45. This version appears to come with a USB socket on the back and Bluetooth. Other versions can also have DAB.
The version with USB will also need a different dashboard display panel so that you can control/view what is being read from the USB/Bluetooth.
as an example look at this ebay link, it shows the stereo with the different screen display and a view of the USB socket on the back.

The choice is yours, but you can get a simple 3.5mm socket for very little money, whereas the full RD45 version will probably cost you more than an aftermarket stereo with USB, bluetooth, DAB etc because even used prices are very high unless you are very lucky to find one cheap

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