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Speedometer drive replacement

What is the correct way to access  it - from under the car or from under the bonnet? I was under the car yesterday and tried to access it but it was too tight to fit a screwdriver there to remove the circlip that holds the connector in place. When accessing from under the bonnet it seem I need to remove at least an air intake hose. That does not look very convinient. The car is 2.0 hdi from 2003.
I had the same problem but I found that moving the connector side to side fixed my problem for a few months.
The best video that I found showing how to change the sensor was for a P 206
Replaced with an OEM unit. Still both speedo and odo do not work . One thing I noticed that when I last time filled up diesel I put the tripmeter to zero and it has read 300 meter since then till the next fueling. So it seems the tripmeter still counted but very slowly. What should I look next?

I also connected lexia to the car and got followining faults.
Under "Display and Telematics": Intermittent fauls , No permanent positive of the display

Under "Injection": Prep-post heating relay citcuit Short circuit to earth or open circuit

Under "Radio": of the radio aerial input.

I checked the fuses and they seem ok. Looks like there is a bad connection somewhere.

I also connected the cruise control stick and enabled it during lexia session. Needless to say it does not work at the moment. 
It seems to me that there is a broken wire on bad connection somewhere. I would like to use a multimeter to find out a broken wire but I read from this forum that you could trigger an airbag accidently with it if you fiddle in the bsi fuse compartment. 

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