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[Tires & Wheels] Miles per set of tyres ?
Quick question.....

How many miles per set of tyres are you getting ?

No heavy loads and mixed driving.

Does 10 k sound right ?

Van or car tyres both same mileage.

Better fuel mileage with car type.
I seem to remember so early B9's suffering from a misaligned rear axle causing excessive tyre wear. Do a search for this info.

Anyway 10k is not good even for cheap tyres. Were the tyres on the front or rear and what is the difference between axles re wear?
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I'm on 15,000 miles & the fronts still have 4+mm.Rears about 6mm.When the front are due,I'll put the new tyres on the back & the backs to the front.That way I get them worn out before they start to degrade.HTH.
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I'm on my third set of Michelin Primacys and I get about 25,000+ miles per set.  I'm pretty happy with that, especially when I think back to the laughable mileage I used to get on some of my motorcycles.  (4,000-5,000 miles for a rear tyre on my Yamaha FJ1200).
2013 XTR 1.6 HDi 90

Michelin energy saver - average about 32-34k out of the front set. Last set of tyres were Continental ecocontact and they are probably only going to see 25k
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I got 48k out of my first set on miches but at 10 years old and 3mm i had them replaced with Mich energy savers - gained 4 miles per gallon on fuel, surprised me.

I do run everywear empty because i use my van as a car - just prefer vans and dont need the rear seats.
Im on 25k on michelin getting low now though to be fair
... also depends where you live, how you drive and what you carry.

Short journeys, stop start deliveries, road surfaces, traffic ... all these can make a huge difference to tyre life.

I get nowhere near 40k from mine, but our lanes are narrow, twisty with heavy adverse camber, and covered in granite chippings. The chippings are great for traction, but tear tyres to pieces.

Too many variables to give a reliable ball park figure.

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