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Air Con Clutch and Missing Fan Speeds Issue Solved
This thread a few weeks ago described the exact same symptoms my car was having:

Air con clutch engaging on fan speeds 1&2 only, but no blower fan on speeds 1&2. So conversely: working blower on 3&4 but no clutch engagement on 3&4.

On the face of it it may seem like a two part problem; the missing fan speeds are a classic sign of a bad resistor pack, but what about the clutch not engaging? Fan speed 4 doesn't even use the resistor, so surely that won't affect the clutch engagement? The OP in the above thread thought it was likely another problem elsewhere. Unfortunately they haven't returned with a solution.

Well, after replacing the resistor pack (mine was v.old and rusty), it all works as it should, clutch and all. Without looking at a circuit diagram I find it hard to imagine how those failures work but they do. Replacing the resistor pack was certainly a lot easier than switching the HVAC panel as posited in the thread.

Amusingly, a French Citroen garage (I was en vacances) wanted nearly 70 euros for a blower resistor pack!! £6.50 on eBay. You could keep two spare in the car and the difference still pays for an upgraded cabin on the ferry.
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I'm still waiting to test the AC on the 1.6 I bought in late August. It needs a re-gas from what I can tell from Lexia and I'm holding off for a while before getting it done so that I get the most out of the gas before it all escapes again. I'll probably wait until the mornings get cold enough for the demister.
In case anyone is interested, Groupon are offering a good deal on regas at ATS, plus if you look around you can find a 15% discount for first time customers taking the price down to £34. They give you a voucher which is valid until the end of the year.
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Is there no way to fool the pressure sensor circuit? Presumably by placing a certain value resistor across the terminals?
(04-10-2018, 10:01 AM)Collapsedsuspension Wrote:  Is there no way to fool the pressure sensor circuit? Presumably by placing a certain value resistor across the terminals?

I'm guessing that mine is actually empty, Lexia shows 1 bar pressure in the system. Part of the ATS deal is that they do a test on the system to check for leaks etc, if it turns out the system is full when they do the test I'll look further to see if there's another problem, if it turns out to have a leak I may just be using the window switches a bit more. Smile
TBH, I don't use the AC that much, but with the glass roof windows, sitting in traffic with the sun shining on a hot day is like being in a greenhouse.
I meant to test the rest of the system function (up to the clutch engagement anyway).

I love my A/C.
(04-10-2018, 10:39 AM)Collapsedsuspension Wrote:  I meant to test the rest of the system function (up to the clutch engagement anyway).

I love my A/C.

Ah, understood. There's a thread on here somewhere about testing the aircon, from someone in Norway IIRC but I can't find it at the moment. I think they used Lexia to diagnose, then some kind of workaround on the wiring to test.

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