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Do all of these come with rcl?
HJust bought a 2010 model and it had no remote fob, I just assumed it had been lost. So I bought Lexia  and a rcl  key from eBay. I’ve not used these before as I had a caddy and vcds. 
After some brief research I found out I need a pin to program a transponder which I haven’t got so I phoned a locksmith I know and he says this van doesn’t show rcl... does this sound right for a 2010 van without rcl? Anyway if it should have it can I program the fob using Lexia without the cars security pin?
Also anywhere I can ge the pin from? Citroen said £70 plus VAT... thanks , Adam
I can’t be 100% sure about your locking, but I have never seen a B9 Berlingo that doesn’t have central locking.
You will need the pin code to program a key, unless you take a working unit & clone it.
Impossible as you don’t have one.
A good locksmith can extract your existing pin code in seconds, maybe the one you asked cant do this, so henceforth the answer of it not having rcl.
Lexia cannot do it anyway from memeory, you need Diagbox for B9 vans.
You could always buy this tool, as PSA are getting very guarded about their codes lately & have made it almost impossible even for me to get them now.
We are required to go to a dealer with the V5 & I.D for each one, which I would never have time for.
This looks like a bargain, I will order it today & see what happens.
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New tool arrived today from China, works a treat  Smile
[Image: k156kk.jpg]
Although I'm new to Berlingo's I do have a fair bit of experience with commercial vehicles in general.

If it's a van it may depend on who it was originally sold to. While they might come with RCL as standard, large fleet buyers often choose their own spec, and because it's a large order manufacturers will accommodate them to get the sale.
It's possible a fleet buyer might specify vehicles without a remote control because for example the keys are more robust, it makes the vehicle cheaper etc etc. A good example are Royal Mail transit vans with the roller shutter on the back, not only are they painted in a specific colour from the factory they also have the custom body made for them. ex-Police vehicles are another one where you find all sorts of odd ball bits, custom wiring harnesses and non-standard upholstery etc. If you're buying a 1000 vehicles then most manufacturers will let you have what ever you want, and if you can save £10 a vehicle by not having remote keys, that's a sizeable saving on the order.

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