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Centre Multifunction Display
So on Saturday I picked up my first Berlingo, I've bought it to replace a Land Rover Defender. More comfortable and still probably 80% of the capabilities in general and 120% of the capabilities on the road!.

Anyway reading the owners handbook it discusses two different types of display. Mine is fitted with the 'Type A' alphanumeric display, but the handbook also shows what it calls a 'Type C' dot matrix display.

I'm wondering if it's just a plug and play upgrade if I sourced a Type C display from something else. I have a Lexia so I could change the config if needed.

I did a similar swap by fitting a dot matrix display from a C5 into a mk1 C3 to replace the single line display that was in there, that was just a straight swap (apart from changing the display colour)
Hi there Hawaiianblue welcome to the forum, If you have a search of the site for central display there has been quite a few that have upgraded or changed the displays.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
I did do a search but it just brought up posts about replacing the bulbs in them or upgrading the bulbs to LEDs. There were a coupe relating to the first gen Berlingo's but that was upgrading from Type A to type B I think.
I've just spent some more time searching different terms for display. And all it brings up are people who've upgraded first gen berlingos from single line displays to the type be display that my B9 has has standard, but nothing about upgrading a B9 from type B to type C.

Using the term 'central display' only brings up 3 results and those all relate to faults, blown bulbs, after market radios etc.

Does any one have any suggestions for posts regarding upgrading displays on the B9's? Maybe the search function doesn't work well?
Answering my own question. Basically yes you can replace the type B display with a type C one, however there are some caveats.

You have to source one from a Berlingo/Partner and certain other models. Basically the C4 one has to be reconfigured as it uses part of the display to show climate control, so you have to find one that's configured to use the same format as the Berlingo does.

It seems I've lost some of the functions from the radio, the diagnosis menu isn't there and the car configuration menu is greyed out (pixelated) it wont let me select it. I also get the bluetooth menu but the radio doesn't have this so I can't access it.

I\ve got an RD45 head unit to go in, but I thought id see what happened with the RD4 first.
Have you got access to Lexia / Diagbox? Just wondering if it's possible to reconfigure the display for your car. On the M59 displays there's a lot of electronics embedded on the circuit board, more than is needed to just drive a display so I think a lot of the functionality is in the MFD.
I've got a Lexia but I don't think it covers the B9, I need to sort out a Diag box install. I've got an RD45 anyway, so I will see what happens when I plug that in.
(01-11-2018, 06:58 PM)hawaiianblue Wrote:  I've got a Lexia but I don't think it covers the B9, I need to sort out a Diag box install. I've got an RD45 anyway, so I will see what happens when I plug that in.

If it's anything like the M59, you'll need to code the radio to your VIN unless you like regular bleep noises.
It's been precoded to my vin by the seller. But yes you're right, it's the same with most PSA products from the last 20 years, they're vin coded rather than having a pin.
OK so a little more experimentation with the RD45 now in place, I still don't have access to the car config menu - switching off auto locking etc, but obviously I can now access bluetooth (albeit I haven't fitted the mic yet). Seller is now sending out the proper socket and cables (although I've sourced the tray and USB socket from a scrap car. He's insisted I return the cheap leads first and wont send out the new ones until he gets them back - seems a bit extreme seeing as I've sent him the receipt for the return postage.

I've also got no rear speakers, I assume this unit came from a van, but once I get my Diagbox up and running I'll activate those and check to see if there is a setting for telling the car it has a type C screen fitted as this might unlock the functions for config.

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