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Factory Bluetooth visual identification
So most Berlingo's that are being broken for parts are usually completely dead with the battery removed.

Is there a fool proof way of identifying if a dead Berlingo has the bluetooth head unit just by looking at it?
I think the units with Bluetooth have a microphone socket at the rear.


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I think the standard units are the RD4 model and the ones with Bluetooth and USB are the RD45 model

From the front I don't think there is any difference in how it looks, but on the back there should be a USB socket
See here for a photo

If you are thinking about getting a RD45 for the Bluetooth/USB, you will also need the display as well or otherwise you won't be able to control/view/select the files via Bluetooth or USB
See this ebay link as an example
problem is looking at them still fitted in the dash with no power they all appear to look the same. I was hoping someone who say "if it has this on the car then it has a bluetooth unit"

Models that have already been removed are easy to identify, but then they seldom come complete with the screen and if they do they're expensive.
we have bluetooth and it includes a usb socket underneath the radio, I think that's 1 way of telling

Paul Ryan
that's a good point, I suppose if it has the socket under it then it's definitely bluetooth with the type C display.
Only fitted to very late ones I think?
(23-10-2018, 08:51 PM)hawaiianblue Wrote:  that's a good point, I suppose if it has the socket under it then it's definitely bluetooth with the type C display.
Only fitted to very late ones I think?

Mine is early 2012 and has this, it was an additional extra at the time.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
Ive bought from the ebay seller linked above.

It's worth noting although he claims it comes with all genuine Peugeot accessories, the USB lead is just one of the cheap ones you can get of ebay, not the proper one with the socket, same with the aux in lead.

I have noticed one visual identifier.

On the head unit to the right of the CD slot is a button. On the RD4 this is labelled 'TA/pty', whereas on the RD45 it's labelled just 'TA'.

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