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Dog walking van in progress (2007 1.6HDi)
I’ve got a dog walking business and had been looking for a van to use instead of, and save trashing, my car. Picked up my Berlingo van from a small garage who were desperate to get rid of it as it was a main dealer part-ex that had been standing on their forecourt for about 2 months. I’d seen it go up for £1795 then drop to £1495 and stay there for few weeks. Went and had a look at it, took it for a quick test drive and took a punt offering £900 for it, which they accepted. I’d HPI’d it and had a good read of its MOT history online, but given it’d been literally 15 mins between turning up and offering, i suddenly wondered if I’d bought an absolute shed!

Drove it the 30 miles home without it dying so took a bit of solace in that. Booked it in at my local garage for the following week and and spent the time in between running it around and giving it a good tidy up. Turns out it’d been owned by a florists for past 7 years so the cabin needed from a fairly thorough clean up and whilst the body was fine, the paint was dull and had the remaining marks of the businesses livery over it. So spent a bit of time after work with my DA polisher going over that. Once all that was done, it genuinely looked like a different vehicle. Just had to keep my fingers crossed that the garage would give it the all clear and thankfully they did. Gave it a full service (it had absolutely zero paperwork with it) and all it needed otherwise was new front brakes and clean up of the rears. 

For £1200 outlay, I’m really pleased with the purchase and starting off with a cheap van means I’ve got budget to put it back into it and make it how I want it.

Sorry for rambling, on with some pictures!

Before (I had machined the panel in the sliding door) & After polishing

Cleaned up

It’s still a work in progress, but so far have managed to apply Silent Coat deadening to everywhere apart from the front doors (will be done soon) and the floors (not doing), followed by a layer of Dodo Thermo Van Liner (I didn’t go to the effort of making this 100% coverage but it should be a good enough improvement) and carpeting the ply lining with campervan 4-way stretch fabric. Still have to do the ceiling and then will be laying some non-slip rubber flooring on the floor.

Silent coat above the cabin

Lined with Thermo liner

Carpeting skills!

And that’s where I am for now.
- Have a set of 15” steelies and Goodyear Vector 4Seasons at a local tyre fitters ready to go on. The handling on the stock 14”s is terrible and ultimately it’s for work so didn’t want the extra expense of getting alloys or anything larger.
- It goes to a local sign writer this week to get some graphics put on for the business.
- Waiting for a new head unit to arrive as it currently has a factory cassette player in. 
- Also have a rear parking camera and screen to install, as well as some LED strips to put in the load area and may look into putting some in the cabin area too as the standard bulbs are hideously dull.
- Also need to measure up and plan the layout for the crates for the dogs.

Depending on funds, I might consider installing an amplifier and changing the door speakers, but that’s not high on the priorities.
Good job so far! I often wonder what traders margins are. For sure they need to make a living like all of us but sometimes I do think they're asking too much.
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(28-10-2018, 07:30 AM)cancunia Wrote:  Good job so far! I often wonder what traders margins are. For sure they need to make a living like all of us but sometimes I do think they're asking too much.

During the small talk, after the sale was agreed, he reckoned it owed him £1150. So I’ve either been one of the few people in history to rob a car salesman, or he was stretching the truth  Big Grin

I think it’s prob a bit of both. If they’ve bought a batch of vehicles from a dealer, they can kind of spread the cost across them. And the other side was that this was the only van on a forecourt of cars at a small garage in an out of the way industrial estate, so they maybe it was just something they figured could end up hanging around for ages.

With VAT and other associated costs, I think the margins are generally quite tight. I paid cash and signed a “no warranty” waiver (which I actually don’t think is enforceable given I’ve got no trade connection) so I’ve no doubt that the money for the sale will disappear straight into his back pocket and they’ll find a way to absorb their cost of the vehicle elsewhere
I'm guessing the £1150 was what they paid plus a small margin to cover costs. Either way, it looks to be a good price.
First time I’ve been for a drive in it for a few days and I’ve hit a snag. Found an oil leak  Sad

Can’t get under to see specifically where it’s coming from, but it’s dripping onto the first section of exhaust after the down pipe/cat. Will have to see when can get it in the garage!

Also, in the process of lifting the bonnet to have a look, it appears I’ve knocked off and lost the hook clip that the bonnet stand clips into!
Can't help with the bonnet clip, but guess you'll find one at a breaker's or main dealer without too much trouble.
Sump leaks are quite common on the 1.6HDi. Mine was leaking when I bought it although it was a couple of weeks before I found out due to the undertray which I took off while doing some other work.
The sump is held on by several bolts with 8mm heads along the long sides and M6 nuts on long studs at either end. The nuts were loose, loose enough at the exhaust end to allow a leak. After tightening the nuts up, the leak has stopped, at least for now. I'll be taking the sump off next year when it gets warmer to replace the sealant.
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I think I’ve found and ordered the right clip...

Glad that it’s potentially a common fault and easy fix! Trying my best to get the van sorted and earning ASAP, so I can return my car (Honda CRV) to regular duties and stop it from getting wrecked over the winter! Has a tailored double crate in the boot and 2 cages secured on the rear seats, so it’s a faff on if I want to carry more than one passenger or bulky items.
Got the oil leak sorted. Appears it was the sump which has taken a bit of a bashing in its previous life and it must’ve compromised the seal. Been parked on the drive for 24 hours with the obligatory sheet of cardboard underneath and it’s still clean!

15” steels and new tyres are fitted and it is like a different vehicle all together. Apart from looking loads better. It’s quiet, smooth and pulls away and corners without spinning its wheels. Even damp bends in 2nd/3rd gear on part throttle would light the old tyres up! I think it would’ve been nigh on immobile once winter sets in.

Had to return the headunit I bought from Amazon warehouse. Was described as “very good condition” but what arrived was missing several of the accessories that it should come with. Chiefly the microphone for the handsfree and to get a replacement would’ve made the cost barely less than buying a brand new unit.

Took the opportunity of a quiet morning to have a bash at carpeting the roof. Had intended to get someone to give me a hand, but took a chance that if I couldn’t do it, I had enough material to abort and try another time.

It’s definitely not perfect but it’s perfectly good enough for what I need.






For anyone who’s undertaking this, usual tools you’d expect, but I would highly recommend also getting hold of;
- Trim removal tools
- Tailors/Dressmaking scissors
- Neodymium magnet - This was mega handy for me on my own as it held it in various places as I worked through glueing and attaching (as in pic 1).
That is a very neat job.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
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