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Steering wheel?
Can anyone tell me:

A: How to get the steering wheel off a 2004 Berlingo Van?

B: How to fix a horn that's not working?


If it ain't broke, don't 'fix' it.   Angel
Earth the steering column . the horn works by going to earth through the steering column and if it does have a good earth it wont work . Its a common fault much discussed on here and a search would help you . I don't think you'll need to take off the steering wheel .
But there are wire clips that have to be moved by putting a screwdriver through holes in the rear of the steering wheel , moving them allows the horn button/pad to lift off.
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
Also look at the wiring to the brake light switch above the pedals, if its not routed right it gets rubbed by the steering column when wheel turns and wears through the wires causing problems. Mine had the faintest wear to the wires and caused the horn not to work and other issues.
Are we there yet????? Huh
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First of all, disconnect the battery & leave it for 20 minutes before attempting to touch the airbag, or else it can deploy in your face and can cause a whiplash. If it's like a Xantia there are two torque screws holding the airbag in place, they go into the back of the steering wheel, once the A/B is removed there is a nut in the centre, remove the nut and grab the wheel with both hands at opposite sides, and give it a good hard jiggle from side to side, this should free it.
Good luck.
Or just pop the airbag off and clean the horn contacts...

You don’t need to re Earth the column, it’s bolted to physical metal so normally it’s a pretty good earth, occasionally I’ve re earthed the steering wheel contacts, but that’s a very different issue

The airbag comes off with a flat blade screw driver, I find clearing the thin plastic cover off the rear off the steering wheel holes (either one or two 6mm holes) if it has two holes they are either at 3 and 9 o clock on the rear of the wheel, or if a single it is at 6 o clock, in the holes you will find a coat hanger thickness spring wire, you need to get a flat blade behind them and force them towards the centre of the wheel, this will then move them from the clips on the airbag and free it with some wiggling and jiggling... can be fun but once it’s off after you’ve sworn at it for half an hr you will see what your trying to actually do (ironic by then it’s too late)

By all means drop the battery off a few mins before, it’s correct there are capacitors in the airbag ecu which can discharge... however I have personally never ever seen or heard of an airbag being set off by accident, it’s like one of those massive things you should do for safety really but it’s actually very hard to set an airbag off taking it off the wheel

As for it causing whiplash... oh my... where does this stuff come from, it will smack you in the face and give you burns and potentially a sore face for a bit, it does make me smile some of the things I read on the internet... but again I have never seen an airbag go off by accident... ever!! It is an explosive device though so ya gotta play nice with it but it won’t go off without at least 12v generally, and before anyone mentions static, once your in a vehicle you’ve touched metal a load of times so it shouldn’t be an issue unless you take a balloon and a fleece with you ?

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