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Collected Berlingo today
Picked up my Berlingo van today.

Its a 59plate 1.6hdi L1 LX 850 3 seater with 127k on it. 

Paid £2400 for it.

Its been used as a work van and will be used as a work van.

Bodywork very straight bar a few "inside out dents on back doors and roof.

Going to be signwritten so that will disguise them.

Bumper has a small cosmetic crack.

Cab pretty tidy, few scratches on plastics and scuffed headlining. One air vent is broken

Load area dirty but will clean up and ply needs replacing. Torch missing.

Has the Extenso seats and bulkhead with removable section.

Has an iffy passenger side window (closes on key though) so must be switch on dash.

Just has the one key and is missing spare tyre.

Drove great on the 150 mile journey home. 

Mechanic mate of mine inspected it and pointed out some possibly historic oil close to injectors. Engine sounded absolutely fine.
Good luck with it very good price you got her for aswel!
(12-11-2018, 08:32 AM)V6BOY Wrote:  Good luck with it very good price you got her for aswel!

Cheers mate. 

Been driving it around today, much easier to get about in than the Relay!

Had a bit of a crisis though as parked up at Screwfix, locked it up and when I came back out the remote wouldn't re-open it. 

Tried key in doors and it wouldn't open them. Eventually got it reopened via remote. 

Drove it to my mate who is a mechanic. 

He thought it might be that the doors had never been opened via key and that they were seized, that combined with the fact that the key was very very worn. The end is completely rounded over.

Tried oiling the locks and blowing them out with a compressor to free them. No joy.

Went to a local locksmith for advice. Used Mike B Locksmiths in Hinckley. 

He managed to cut a replacement with a transponder chip in it despite the existing one being very worn in the key channels and on the end. I had two done at a cost of £30 a key. 

That worked on ignition, petrol cap, back doors and passenger. Drivers door is still refusing but I will take the lock out and try to file the tumblers down a touch if possible as it seems to be just sticking a touch. A bit of mackling might sort it. 

Fortunately the central locking works off the passenger door. So all is functional at present if a touch awkward. 

Better than the original scenario I thought I was looking at which was a full suite of new locks, new keys, labour and coding cost!
Sounds like your getting there..
Good price for the keys...

2004 ,1.9d Berlingo Multispace.
called Brian... Smile
(13-11-2018, 07:55 AM)Art b Wrote:  Sounds like your getting there..
Good price for the keys...

I thought that too.

I can survive on using the passenger door to release the central locking for now.

I actually prefer the non remote keys ironically! 

I always have a pocket full of tools (i am a carpenter/joiner) so often accidentally trigger the unlock!
If you can't get the remote function working a cheap method is to buy a universal central locking kit from ebay and wire it in, then you will have a fob for the central locking like we used to have before they built it into the key.

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
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It should be possible to switch the driver and pasenger door lock cylinders...
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(14-11-2018, 08:05 AM)Gadgetman Wrote:  It should be possible to switch the driver and pasenger door lock cylinders...

I was wondering about this. Thanks for info.

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