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Hello from Manchester
Hello All

just about to pull the trigger on a Berlingo but not sure which one yet.

I am a partner in a bicycle company and this will be used for delivery of bikes and for collection and return of bikes. However, it will also be my daily driver.

The Berlingo multispace XTR110 gives me the better comfort and as I understand it rear seats out and bikes will go in stood up no problem, we also have budget for lowering springs, 18" alloys and a matte black vinyl wrap and limo tint to rear windows so it can look good too. However, storing the seats is concern of my other half and I'm not sure if I can fasten in any brackets for the bikes to sit in.

I have also seen a lovely Berlingo van with 3 seats in the front (so I can still take my daughters out), it is a lovely black so no need to wrap it. However, it is only a 75 so will need a chip tune or remap. Same budget for lowering and wheels applies.

Thoughts and experiences appreciated. Oh and hints and tips on body styling too, especially the XTR as at the moment that is edging ahead in my thoughts (normal car usability when van not needed etc)

Thanks in advance

Greetings Ian and welcome to the forum.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

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What I must also add is that my other half is no fan of the way the multispace looks so I have to convince her I can make it look good. Looking through the threads I'm wondering if the 2012 version front bumper could be smoothed and then wrapped with the rest In matte black
Well lets be honest a Berlingo is never going to look pretty is it, my advice would be to get your other half to choose which she thinks is the best of the bunch and yes she may choose on colour alone. Actully the colour can make or break on looks.

Good luck and of course welcome to the Forum !
Have to be honest I think the L1 Berlingo vans are really smart looking.

Just got a 59 plate in white and it looks much more modern and stylish than a lot of other small vans.

I have a 12 plate LWB High Roof Relay and parked side by side they look pretty good as a little and large combination.

I initially wanted a Nemo but decided on the Berlingo as its the smallest 3 seater around.
So we pulled the trigger on a 2010 berlingo xtr today. 50,000 miles and in awesome condition.

17" alloys ordered and looking at springs to lower. Seems the car doesn't go s low as van. Is the suspension different?
Across their range XTR is Citroen's soft roader/Rugged trim spec, it's also the top trim spec on the Berlingo.
As such it comes with raised suspension and metal engine protection as standard. You could specify the van in XTR spec or 'rough worksite spec', but it's not that common that van buyers do. So most vans don't have the raised suspension as standard. Multispace's in VTR trim and lower don't have the raised suspension either. With vans it also depends on the payload rating. Those with the larger payloads will sit higher at the rear when empty, they basically have stiffer rear springs so they don't bottom out when fully laden.

Personally I would put the 17" wheels on and see what it looks like before spending on springs, you may find once the new wheels have filled the arches it gives the illusion of being lower anyway.

nb. the standard XTR wheel trims are £60 each from Citroen, so don't throw them away, eBay them.
Hello NorthRoadCycles, I often carry bikes upright, wheels-on in my B9 XTR and posted a thread about it some time ago. You'll find that Road/Tri/TT bikes will fit in upright along the side of the vehicle but a wheel has to go up alongside the driver/passenger seat to allow bike in far enough to shut the rear door. I've done the same with 26in wheel MTB's but have found with my 27.5-er MTB that I've had to take the XTR centre box out and put it down the middle, 29-ers would be the same. I had a racing tandem in last weekend and that needed the driver/passenger arm-rests removing to get it in far enough. The centre box and arm-rests come out with a simple press of their catches, refer to manual if it isn't obvious. Using the above its easy to get 3 bikes in and still have plenty of space for riding gear tools etc.
2016 Multispace XTR BlueHDi 100 S/S Gris Artense Met
First day of driving the multispace and I'm really pleased with it. Wheels and springs are on order and a remap will follow.

Our bikes slide in no bother and having car comfort is a real bonus. Really very happy with it.

Can someone tell me what the internal roof bars are for?
People slide tools, fishing gear, skis etc on top of the internal roof bars.

I've fitted stainless steel lashing eyes into the internal roof bar mounting points and I use them (in addition to the pints on the floor) to secure bikes or anything else I'm carrying.

Pics of the lashing eyes at the end of this thread
2016 Multispace XTR BlueHDi 100 S/S Gris Artense Met
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