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New key
Ho do you go about getting a new remote key when you only have a non remote spare key.

Its a long story involving strip clubs and lost coats (not me) but the one and only remote key we had is now gone for ever.
Main dealer
I was hoping there might be an alternative, cant see the main dealer doing something like this for less than an ass raping.
Can you program a new key with the lexia software?
Try here for 20% less girth
A remote key will have a transponder to allow the car to start & a remote control to open the doors, 2 separate things

You can get a key copied & cloned so that your engine will start from a lot of good key cutting shops. Getting the remote to work does not need Lexia at least on the M59 Berlingo, not 100% sure how to do that on a B9.

Alternatively, you can get a new transponder key (with or without remote) cut via several places on ebay. They can cut keys from a good digital photo or the key number. If you take this second route, you'll need to get someone to program the car to accept the new key via Lexia or Digabox. The remote will also need to be registered so that it opens the doors

I bought a non-remote key from these people, at the time they were the cheapest on ebay and gave an excellent service:

Having read the description of the item above, I'm not 100% sue if they can cut a B9 key from a photo so the cloning option may be best if you don't have the key number or access to Lexia/Diagbox
Find an auto locksmith in your area and take the car to them as it costs more if they come to you. A decent one will have all the equipment to be able to cut and program any type of key for you and a lot cheaper than a dealer.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
I had a couple of non remote keys done this week.

£30 a piece.

I have to be honest I hate remote keys. I am always accidentally opening cars and vans up.

Much prefer the standard key.
A blank remote key from Peugeot or Citroen starts at about £89 + vat, most Berlingo ones are these cheapest keys.
We used to do Copy ones, but they were not the most reliable. Car locksmiths will generally use them too, because this is how they make the most money. Copy keys are about £12 in the trade.
We can cut & program a key & charge £30 + vat if you have the transponder code to program it in.
We charge £20 to get the transponder code if you don’t have it.
Cheers Mark. I do have the lexia software which I used to install cruise on the van and tha AUX port. Is there much I can do with this.

Also I could do with a 2nd remote key for our Dispatch as well, that is a 2015 model, is that just as straight forward.

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