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[Engine] Fast idle and intermittent horn
My engine idles at the same speed regardless of being hot or cold. I understand it's the idle sensor that's seized. I've attached a photo of the engine, can you tell me where this is located and I'd it easy to replace?
Also my horn works intermittently, where is horn located and what could be the reason this happens?
Thanks in advance.
It's a 05 1.9 van

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No idea about idle switch sorry :/

but the horn is almost definatly the combination switch i think its called, which is the whole unit behind the steering wheel which the horn sensor is part of, along with indicator stalks etc. I had the same happen to mine (along with indicator stalk not returning) and it is a common fault in a berlingo. It is circa £50 for a used one on ebay, or around £120 for a new one from a motor factors, depends how long you are planning on keeping the berlingo, because it is a common fault and may happen again!
the intermittent horn can be caused by a bad earth on the steering column . Search on this forum and you will get a few tips on how to cure it.
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
This is what I found when my horn stopped working ... 2nd post down the page

edit - the link works and the text ixplains but the photos now defunct, sorry.
Quote:the intermittent horn can be caused by a bad earth on the steering column . Search on this forum and you will get a few tips on how to cure it.

Yep, horn fault is most likely to be an earthing problem. Make sure your steering wheel bolt is tight.
Check wiring under the dash around the steering column, on mine the wiring to the brake light switch had been rubbed through by the column and it was causing issues with the horn and other functions. A bit of rerouting wire and tape and it was fixed.
Are we there yet????? Huh
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