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Alternative way of using a diesel heater.
So I've been researching a way to heat the car over night, diesel heaters seem the most logical. But the expense and hassel of getting one installed in a car I may have to change is putting me off. As well as the whole leisure battery and split charger.

But then I found this video and thought that might work a treat. Fitted to the roof rack or maybe in a roof box.

My only question is, can these diesel heaters just run of say a small 1.2Ah 12v a battery for the make 2 nights it would be used without needing a recharge? Maybe a future upgrade maybe be a solar panel on the box to help keep the battery topped up.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Found some specification here :

c/p: -------------------------------
Planar 2D specs say
• Heat output; kW : 0.8-1.8.0 
• Fuel consumption; l/h (gal/h): 0.10-0.24 (0.03-0.06)
• Nominal supply voltage; V: 12 or 24
• Power consumption; W (A): 10-29 (0.8-2.42)
2.42 amps to deliver 1800W of heat doesn't seem too bad [at least, not compared to my (admittedly old) Eber D3LC.] Sure mine takes 20A for 30 secs or so whilst it starts so if the Planar does the same then if you run it for four hours (say) the total draw is about 2.4 x4 plus 20/120 = 9.76Ahr - not exactly going to kill your battery?
For the savings involved you could buy a dedicated battery just for your heater!
edited to add: Just found the D2 specs, at 1800W it takes 1.82 amps (at 12v) - so thats 32% more, but in the grand scheme of things? If you haven't gone to LED lighting your cabin lights are probably taking more than that!

Best regards,
My old Range Rover had a factory fitted one. If I used it in parking mode to pre heat the car I would need to drive the car for about twice the length of time I'd been preheating it. ie. if I ran it for 30 min prior to going out I'd need to drive for an hour or come the end of the week I'd eventually have a flat battery and need to jump start the car.
That was with a 110AH battery and a 4.4ltr V8 with a huge water cooled alternator to recharge it. So I would say your plan with a small battery wont work well even with a solar panel to charge the battery during the day. I think you'd be lucky if you got an hour max out of a 1.2AH battery.
You'd probably be better off with a small Honda silent generator and a cheap electric fan heater.

The gas powered webasto's might be an option, as they wont need a fuel pump, they'll run on gas pressure the only power being drawn by the control electronics and initial glow plug draw to start it.
So just seen these on fleabay. Are they new on the market?
Not sure if this blog might be any help for you. Came across when I was looking for solutions for an auxiliary air-con/cooling system to fit in my van.
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