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noise like a faint wind draught
A very quiet whistling wind sound.

Noticed this recently, seems to be coming from the front end and checked to make sure all doors etc are firmly closed.

Starts to be noticeable at about 45mph, dropped a gear to see if engine related as I was worried it might be turbo related. but still only at 45mph so not revs/engine related (or is my logic incorrect).

I have a feeling it started after I had the front and back tyres reversed, all in very good condition. Plus balancing.

Any ideas please.
Is it possible that wind is getting past the bonded wind screen ?

I've had that happen in my vivaro.


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I'll have to wait until I have a passenger as it seems to be from the front left. I don't think it's the windscreen but will check

I don't think it gets louder as speed increases, going to check tonight, going on a motorway that hasn't got any roadworksSmile
I would hazard a guess that the noise that sounds like a slight wind/draught is in fact a slight wind/draught...

No seriously start looking for rubber bungs missing in the bulk head. The foam bits on either side of the scuttle panel also degrade, I've had it on other models of car where once this bit of foam is missing you get wind noise.
Thanks for all the ideas. Volume doesn't increase with speed although road noise might disguise it.

I'm hoping I've found the problem but how to cure it? I have no idea yet so any ideas offered are welcome.

Looking at the picture (not my Berlingo) the plastic moulding running from left to right at the base of the windscreen with the plastic mesh in the middle seems to be fixed against the screen?

On the passenger side from in the corner where the plastic mould starts then towards the centre for approx 12 inches the mould has lifted, so much so that those helicopter tree seeds can slide down inside so who knows where they are ending up, another question but that ones for later

I'm thinking this is the cause of the wind noise problem as that is about the right area.
The plastic shuttle cover should slide under the bottom of the screen I think. It's probably been off to access an EGR valve or something in the past and hasn't been put back properly
Ta. so it's called a shuttle cover, handy to know if I ring Citroen.

Just had a quick look under torchlight so will check again tomorrow.

All along the cover it is flush on the screen not under it.
I thought it was called a scuttle, You live and learn !


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Looks like scuttle is correct as I get search hits with it.

It seems there are clips but not found anything definitive.

Top edge of scuttle definitely sits on top of the windscreen along the whole width.
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yep scuttle, it got auto corrected.

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