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Sump Guard
Hello everyone. I've just purchased a 2004 Berlingo based camper van and the plastic sump guard is now dragging on the ground at the back of the engine. I've lifted it back to the position it should be in but can see no mounting holes where bolts might have gone through to secure it to whatever it should secure to. Has anyone had the same problem and solved it?
I've not looked under an M59, but a lot of other Citroens the back of the under tray just hooks onto the subframe.

A lot of the time the fixings where they attach to the wheel arch liners at the side tear the plastic. You can fix them back on with cable ties, it'll probably be stronger than it was before.
Thanks Hawaiianblue, it didn't occur to me that the fixings might have been at the side rather than the back. I'll be back under there again tomorrow, weather permitting!
There should be a stud that a hole in the undertray goes over and a nut is screwed onto. This secures the rear of the tray.

there are two more at the front + two plastic twist clips either side at the front.
this may help
[Image: 2cdtyev.png]
(24-11-2018, 08:33 AM)hawaiianblue Wrote:  this may help
[Image: 2cdtyev.png]

Yes, that's the same as on my M59. Mine was mostly hanging off too. I used penny washers and M6 nuts/bolts at the back and the 2 outer front fixing points, cable ties at the centre front and at the sides to tie in with the wheel arch covers.
I used 2 nuts on each bolt so that the bolt & one nut stays in place when you take the shield off, then the shield is sandwiched between the nuts & washers.
I had to repair the 2 front outer holes with ally & pop rivets as they'd been broken off, so as a belt & braces fix, I've also put cable ties between each front corner and the hole that captures the prong for the wheel arch side trim.
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Has anyone here fitted one of these steel sump guards before? Any good, if so?
you can probably find a genuine metal sump guard from an xtr in a breakers.

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