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Berlingo Roof headliner

I own a Berlingo I (MF) 1.9 D (68 HP, 1996). I am currently thinking on change the headliner but I am not sure if its made out of fiberglass. It looks to me that is just plain fabric material. Can anyone confirm that? 
If so, is there an online store that sells fiberglass headliners for this car model?
Can someone please help me with this?
Sorry I cannot help, I don't remember anyone on here ever asking about this have you searched the forum just in case?

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
I've removed mine on a 2004 multispace..
To wash it ,it was full of building dust.

It's made of some sort of woven nylon matting..
Around 8mm thick
You may be able to carpet the roof with thin auto carpet..

2004 ,1.9d Berlingo Multispace.
called Brian... Smile
I’m almost certain it’s not fibreglass. Purely down to the facts it’s not solid enough to be hardened resin and when/if you bend it enough it creases more like some kind of layered foam/material.

Get hold of some 4-way stretch material that is used for lining camper vans and you could either glue directly to the roof of the van or, use the old headliner and recover it.

I’d probably go with the recover option as you have a perfect template and can get nice tidy edges.
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Can confirm that it's made of some sort of felt or other stiff fabric that has been pressed into shape.

Be warned that the stuff CAN BREAK!
It won't snap off, but any kinks in the fabric will stay there forever.

To get it out...
Remove visors and the shelf above your head.
Shelf is a bit tricky. start with the light panel. If you feel above it, you'll find the hooks, protected by some sort of caps. Slip fingers under the caps, and gently push the two hooks towards each other until the panel comes loose. Disconnect the cables and lay it aside. Now you get access to the bolts holding the shelf in place. Unscrew and the shelf should pivot down. Unhook and lay to one side.
Remove all brackets...
Remove the mirror.
Remove the covers of the A pillars.(just pull them off)
Remove covers on C pillars if there's any.
If there's any plugs, pull them out, then go buy new ones as some won't survive...
The tricky bit now is the B-pillars with the seatbelt...
Honestly, I have no idea how to do this correctly...
(You only need to remove one, though)

The liner should now only be held up by the rubber seals around the doors and windows.
If you removed one B-pillar cover, use a plastic piece or something to gently pry the liner out of the seals on the side where you remove the cover.
You should be able to list the liner out the top of the cover on the other side.

I doubt you have the Ragtop(Webasto fabric sunroof), but if you have... I'm so sorry, because the big hole in the liner will cause you to need a few buddies to help, and you'll never get the seal on properly again....
I’ve said it elsewhere but, if you’re doing work that involves removing interior trim, it’s well worth investing in a set of trim removal tools.

Can get them for about £10.
neilsen CT2287 Car Trim Removal and Moulding Set, Red

Might be a bit of an exaggeration to say they’ll pay for themselves, but will certainly save a few clips from being broken and any potential damage to panels from yanking on them.
Thanks guys! Nice info!

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