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New Berlingoa ;)
Hello Everyone,

I am new to Berlingos, I was gifted a Red Berlingo from my Yoga teacher a few months ago, I have taken it for MOT and it only failed on a few minor things.
Its a MK1 I think, 2002, 1868 cc, Deisel Multispace.

The back lights were like a 'disco' during the MOT.
I have just taken the lights apart, cleaned them up, they had a load of gunk in there, like earwax! Ergh !

Now I have put them back together, the indicators work, but no back lights or break lights, headlights are working...
Should there be 4 bulbs inside? As on mine there is only 3 in each?

Where can I get a fuse box diagram?
Ive searched online, no joy...

I need a haynes manual I think.

Anyway, Im saying hello ;Wink cant really tell you what they are like to drive and use yet, as I have only driven it to and from the MOT station...
So far, I like it! But a long journey is needed...

MOT retest is 2moro... will do a seach for diagrams and manual stuff now.

Pieca Cake.
First think I would check is that you have good earth connections for the rear lights.

For the fuse box, just test each one for continuity with a multimeter, Citroen do have fuse diagrams in their owners handbooks, but they often don't match up with the actual car!
The fuse diagrams in Citroën's manuals are closer than what happens to be in the Gospel of Haynes...

3 Bulbs sounds rasonably correct.
Rear/Brake light (Dual filament bulb)
Blinkers (Unlike on BMW or AUDI these are supposed to work on our Berlingos)
Reversing light.

The 1.9 isn't the fastest or even the strongest engine available any more, but...
It's also pretty much bulletproof.

Assuming you have the 'low' headlights, then yes, you have a genuine M49 (Mk. I )
(high headlights means a M59, also known as 'Facelifted' model. It has better crash zones, but lost a lot of the impudent cheekyness of the original in my opinion... )

I assume you have a sliding door on one side. Check the door sill and the rest of the metal down there very, very thoroughly. If it rusts through(kind of a weak point, really) it will cost a lot to repair.

BTW: Are you aware of the 'secret' compartments in the floor in front of the rear passenger seats?
Hello and thank you Smile

Thanks for your advices, I will post a picture, but I think its M49, what does M49 mean? haha Wink

Looks like Im gonna miss the re-test, as my mate who was coming to help yesterday, never turned up. Not good, but it is what it is.

Also got a wheel thats stuck, breaks or wheel baring, def cant do that by myself.

I just cant wait to go for a drive!
Nearly 2 years without a car!

Pieca Cake.
It has 2 sliding doors in the back?
Yes hidden compartments in the floor, interior is green and red, so I called her Holly as it reminds me of Christmas Smile
And she was a gift!
The sills are in great nick, as is most of the car, September 2002 model, had an issue with one of the back doors not opening, and I fixed it myself! Very pleased about that.
Are they good on fuel? I looked online and apparently around 45 mpg...
I can feel its not that fast, even as a 1.9, but not taken it over 30mph yet.
I have 2 multimeters, but not sure how to use them, will check the fuses too, if my electrical cleaner and wd40 and cleaning up the connections doesnt work...
Just about to try the lights again now.
I love fixing things myself, but damn does it take 10 x longer! Wink

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