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projector headlights
has anyone fitted projector units into m59 headlights? id like to fit HID bulbs but dont want to spend all winter getting flashed by other road users?
Can you get a full kit with replacement with complete headlights, not just bulbs?
(A full kit should be easy to fit, really. I remember the glee I felt the day I found a set of H4 headlights at the scrappers that would fit my old GS way back then. Moving from R2 to H4 made a wast difference. So yeah, I can see why you want something 'better')

If not, I'd suggest you stay away from it. The lights you have are type approved with only the listed bulbs. Anything else can get you into serioius trouble, or at least a failed MOT if you get caught.
The wrong type bulbs does't have the right emission profile to match the reflector in the headlight, and they may actually damage them.

It used to be popular with the 'Harry' crowd here in Norway to fit 110W H4 bulbs instead of the standard wattage. (The bulbs are sold for use in racing. Headlights never lasts anyway there) After a few weeks, the heat of the bulb would cause the reflector to turn yellow, or even brown, and the result was that you got even less light than you had originally.

Why not pick up a set of extra lights instead of messing with the originals?
Just put some Osram nightbreaker H4 bulbs in and save all the grief and all the drivers flashing you.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace

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