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[Filters & Oil] Cabin Air filter location
Hi there once again! 

This time I want to ask you guys where is the location of the cabin air filter of my  Berlingo I (MF) 1.9 D (68 HP, 1996).

Sorry to make a lot of questions about this model but this was my family's car and now they gave it to me, so I want to start fixing all the small things I can.

For some unknown reason, The air coming into the cabin is not hot. Only cold air flows. I've read some things on the internet that one of the reasons might be that the cabin air filter may be blocked. So I want to take a look at that to inspect it. The problem is that I cannot find it.

Does anyone knows where is located for this specific model?
Also if anyone has a picture of the location would be nice! Smile
Is your Berlingo fitted with air conditioning? I believe no air/con = No cabin filter

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
It does not have air con.

Is there other way to troubleshoot why am I not getting hot air and only cold air?
Is hot water getting to the heater matrix?.
I had the same fault on an older BMW and the heater matrix was clogged up with crud. When changed it worked perfectly.
It's a 2001 1.9d with 302,000 k on the clock.
Either the water isn't circulating to the heater(blockage in the matrix is the most likely issue) or the louvres have been disconnected from the temperature control and air isn't being led through the matrix. (The same as if it was set to 'cold')
It is possible in my experience for the thermostat to break and stay open. The sy.mptoms are a lack of hot air even with the controls on max and fan running and a temp gauge that fails to move much beyond cold. Diesels are cold blooded compared to petrol, that's why they take a while to warm up. They rely on the thermostat more to restrict over cooling than prevent overheating. The fix is a new thermostat. A fairly cheap part and a reasonably easy job. The long term cure is regular use up to temp to stop it sticking again.

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Could be something as simple as a cable has popped off behind the dash, cabin filter wouldn’t effect temperature at all
If the heat dial has some resistance when turned from cold to hot then the cable which operates a flap is probably ok.
If it has a pollen/cabin filter , under passenger side glove-box above the felt insulation you will see a fan housing , by memory there will be 2 or 4  screws which remove a plastic cover then the filter will drop out , I am unsure if non A/C models have this but worth a look.
Also when engine is up to temp look under bonnet near middle of bulkhead you should see two rubber hoses about 3 inches apart enter into backside of dash , if these are of similar temp then chances are water is passing through ok , if not matrix could be blocked or possibly but unlikely to be air locked , on the said hoses you may find a typical "dust" cap which can be used to bleed air out but be careful not to scald yourself . 
On your temp gauge from cold it should rise to approx midway then drop back quite fast as thermostat opens then slowly rise to what is a steady temp for your vehicle , this varies from vehicle to vehicle but should mostly follow this pattern of behaviour .

Lets hope the matrix is not blocked or leaking as it is very very very time consuming job to replace which involves taking most of the dashboard out.

You could try a coolant change and flush with cleaner but if badly blocked/corroded could induce a leak !.

Good luck.

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