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What has gone off since joining the Forum
Well I got this berlingo.  on the 3 Oct

Sales video of the car

Then went and ordered this for the back. 6 weeks wait for being made.
[Image: fetch?photoid=297287]

Now starting the electrics.
2 duel USB in the dash, one inside one taking the place of the fag lighter, fag lighter in the back, came off to a switch another duel USB, passanger side, switch, vpltmeter, fag lighter and a duel USB, to be run off lesure battery, Talgate card duel USB, two cob led lights one each side, for sitting out the back or double up as a cooker light on switch, all wired up on small battery for testing. Also put switch in to open the tailgate from inside. Next is roof cover off, 2 cob led lights two be fittedback passanger seat and one driver side rear near door, wired together on switch over passanger door. finaly over passanger seat cob led light, duel USB socket, with 12v socket (old caravan type) for outside light, this is for when I put the awning up.
[Image: fetch?photoid=297392]
[Image: fetch?photoid=297563]
Next bit is going to be rear view camera and radio with screen. But got to save up for that.
Your Reach is further than your Grasp
Need a bit of help on charging lesure batterys. (Sorry if its been covered before)

I have read the M9 has smart charging, so I read up and every one says B2B charging for lesure batterys.
Now they say that the alternator gives out up to 13.7 volts, and a split charger may not kick in, hence B2B charger is the way to go.
But while fitting me electrics in the car my multi meter is showing I am charging at 14.4 volts with the engine on tick over.

Which way would you do it, 60amp split charger or 30amp Battery 2 Battery.
Your Reach is further than your Grasp
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Can't help with your battery but here's your video, nice looking car.
So where does this bit go then ?
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Can you not adjust the voltage at which the split charger comes on. On mine there is a procedure in the installation notes if the charger is coming on at either to low or to high an input voltage.
I did not have to adjust mine.
2001 1.9D Multispace.
Diagbox diagnostics in Northumberland.
This is what I am trying to find out, I have been told that by one person that he fitted a split charger and it would not charge the lesure battery, this was due to the alternator not going over I think he said 13.5v. So I looked B2B chargers but there is a big diffrence in price, I was wondering if it would be okay to go with a split charger seeing I am getting 14.4v it should work.

One other thing I found out today, my dash cam has been staring up but going into computer mode as if conectored to one. I have changed my fag lighter in the front for twin USB, on that wiring I put another in to the back of the dash, now one is 1amp the other is 2.1amp, when conecting the dash cam I put it in the 2.1amp, went out to see if I could get the dash cam working right, first thing I did was to swop the socket it went into to the 1amp one, low and behold it fired up and started recording. Ony put this down as oon other site people have commented on it, ending up getting another dash cam, it may help some one in the future.
Your Reach is further than your Grasp
Re your dash cam , 
 Your USB will be set to output 5 volts for charging things and I believe that if the cam detects 5volts then it thinks that its connected to a computer for down loading data etc , if 12 volts + then its thinks its connected to a vehicle and starts filming/videoing.
The power cable for my dash cam came with a 12 to 5 volts dropper built into the plug for the fag lighter and its that that signals the cam  if its data or filming, plugging it straight into the 5 volt feed confuses it. 
Its the voltage rather than the amps which matter

 I may be wrong but that's my Sunday morning theory     Smile
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
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