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Sos noise
Hello guys, i have a berlingo 2009 plate and whenever im driving every 2 minutes, it speaks out ' press and hold button for 2 seconds to call the emergancy services ' i dont have a sos button and its so annoying. When i tap on the breaks it stops and repeats again. Usually happens when breaking as well. Anyone had this problem ??? Thanks
Sounds like it once had a telematics unit fitted and someone has removed some of it and the remaining parts have gone haywire. The telematics on some vans often looks like a satnav on the dash, some people remove the head when the sell the van not realising it's actually just part of a larger system.

You can either trace the main module under the dash and remove it or you may get away with just telling the BSI it's no longer there with a diagbox.
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Thanks but when i went to a Citroen specialist they plugged it in and its already deactivated on the BSI its never had a telematic in the van, they said change the break switch because when they was speaking to the engine through the machine the noise would appear when touching the break peddal.. i done that but its still happening..

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Where does the 'voice' come from? The Stereo speakers or somewhere else in the dash?

Basically the car think's you've crashed so it's trying to call the emergency services, however it can only do this if it has some kind of telematic unit in it, the BSI etc doesn't have the ability to do it on it's own.
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The speakers i would say! Okay thanks well i dont kno what to do pretty annoying driving my van now every 2 minutes going off. Even Citroen specialist couldnt find the problem.. So what to do next?

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What happens if you pull the stereo out and unplug it? Does it stop making the SOS noise?
I will try that tonight and get back to you, isit easy pulling the stereo out? Mine has got a on board screen.

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A screen on the actual stereo or do you mean the separate one on top of the dash? (I assume you don't have satnav)
Seperate on the top, no i dont 2009 module

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Stressful no one can find the problem!

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