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[Warning Light] Persistent EML - P0170 P40 - Help / Info needed
Hi All,

I have a October 2001 Berlingo van 1.9d ..... The most basic version you can get!  With what I think is a DW8B motor.

I've had it four+ years and she's done me proud as a work van but it's always had the EML light on and now I must get it sorted so I can get it through the next Controle Technique (French MOT). My ODB II reader said that it had a number of faults most of which have been resolved.  But the P0170 P40 just won't go away.

The EML will be off at startup, but a couple of seconds after I press the accelerator it will come on, but if I hold the revs at just over 3000 rpm the light will go out again. Engine does not misfire, no loss of power, (not that theres a huge amount to begin with Wink ), starts first time, runs smoothly and there are no adverse issues with fuel consumption.

The MAF is brand new.
I have fitted a different injector with the Flow Sensor... just to test and refitted original.
Took van to garage for "Diagnostics" they advised that the problem was the Advance Solenoid on the fuel pump.
Had Advance Solenoid changed for new at the same garage and a new seal kit fitted to the pump while they were there.

Still the pesky little P0170 code persists.........

I recently had to change the metal EGR pipe as mine rusted out at the bottom (it was replaced with new).  While there I took off the inlet manifold, cleaned it and and the EGR valve checked for leaks, cleaned the vent pipe and checked the exhaust side too.... all good.

I have strong sense that its fuel delivery related and that some parameter is "out of range".... maybe because a sensor is old or has been damaged in some way in the past so the ECU throws up the EML. (Previous owner wasn't too worried about the van TBH).

In the past, on occasion mostly when very cold, I would start the engine and it would "knock", during the time the engine way knocking the EML light would stay off even if revved to say 2000 rpm, switch off engine and restart immediately, no knocking but EML would come on again.  I fixed this by accident when I disconnected the connector for the flow sensor on Injector 4, cleaned the terminals and reconnected.  Now it does not do that anymore....... (well, its not done it for 8 months +).

There is a Lucas pump fitted and there is obviously something electronic on the top of the pump (See picture), can anyone tell me what the arrowed component actually is? I'm guessing a sensor/meter.... but for what? Pressure regulation? It seems there is a small degree of adjustment to it as there are slotted holes for the two securing screws, allowing slight rotation and there are two wires coming from it going into the loom and presumably off to the ECU.

I've googled this problem, searched this and other forums (English and french) including other marques that use the same motor (Peugeot & Fiat) and found a number of people with similar issues but they've not posted whether it was resolved or if so what the solution was.... Sad

Any assistance or info would be very much appreciated,

Thanks in advance
i believe thats the pump load potentiometer...
Berlingo Multispace Forte, 2001, 1.9D, DW8B, WJY,...with a smashing green and yellow interior. 

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it tells the ecu the position of the throttle ie half open, fully open, closed etc.
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
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(11-12-2018, 07:29 PM)brodfather11 Wrote:  it tells the ecu the position of the throttle ie half open, fully open,  closed etc.

Before going out yesterday & while driving yesterday studied the pump set up and guessed it could be some kind of idle control valve or TPS.

Thank you for the responses gents.  I might look to see if this can be replaced as its fuel delivery related and my EML light only comes on between 1000 and 3000 rpm.

Forgot to add that if driving normally and light is on at say 70kph / 2500rpm and I take my foot off the accelerator the light will go out, but soon as i hit the gas.... on it comes again.
Now, to find a new one!

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